Big Problems With My Toro 30hp 60 ZTR

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by troblandscape, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. troblandscape

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    Well I purchased a new Toro Zmaster the end of March 2007 and it has been back in the shop FIVE times. What happens is the belt for the blades comes off the pulleys, or the belt just brakes. Everytime I take it to the dealer they put a new belt on or adjust the pulleys. I think it has something to do with when I engage the blades, the engine nearly stalls out and rattles the pulleys really bad. After the forth time in the shop I decided to call Toro directly thinking that Toro, a well known, large company would have no problem with giving me some good feedback on helping me resolve this problem but they said the only thing I can do is keep taking it back to the dealer and that they don't have any techs I can talk to. Toros cust service was right up there with Sprint/nextels service HORRIBLE I was stunned that what I thought a great company with the slogan COUNT ON IT would be so arrogant and when I asked to speak with the Supervisors boss, He said I would have to write a letter(IN 2007!?!!?) :rolleyes: Anyway Its back in the shop again today and my dealer gave me a loaner. This is my third Zmaster and I have never had any probs before. Has anyone else had any problems engadging blades with the new 30hp on these mowers? Thanks For the feedback.
  2. Jimmy Williams

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    Almost sounds like something is in a bind when engaging the blades. By chance have you tried turning all the spindles by hand when the drive belts are off to see if they are spinning freely? How does the motor/power seem to be when cutting? Does it seem to be bogged down as if in a bind somewhere? Good luck.
  3. razor1

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    Does PA have a "lemon law"? :gunsfirin
  4. mcduff48

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    Sure sounds familliar!!!! We have had a few units that were sold that experienced similar problems. Contact your Dist. service dept.or, have your dealer do it. Chances are that the D-SAMS need to be replaced in order to solve your problem. The spark is ******** too much for the engine and that causes the sputtering of the engine and the bouncing of the rear pulleys. It can be corrected so don't give up. It's a Kohler problem not a TORO one.
  5. Mowtown Mike

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    I'm not sure if this might help, but I pull my choke on when I engage the blades. It helps the motor a little bit. I also have a 30 hp with a 52", but no problems like that. (knock on wood) Mike
  6. bohiaa

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    you sure its not a clutch issue ?
  7. troblandscape

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    Yeah when I engadge the blades the rear pulleys go bannanas, I think your on to my problem I am going to call the dealer tomorrow and tell them about the sams issue. As far as choking it while engading I was told to try that and we did it for a while but still had the belt jumping off, besides that you should have to be a hodini to turn on the blades.
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    so are you engaging the blades at full throttle? I thought that is bad? I always slow and use 3/4 throttle.
  9. MJM landscaping

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    Mine needs to be at full throttle and really warm to engage blades while using the ultravac.
  10. troblandscape

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    Any less than full throttle stalls the motor.

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