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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by plowman, Feb 4, 2004.

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    I am from Minnesota and went to a local dealership to purchase 2 new mowers. An Exmark Lazer 48 inch and a new 48 inch w/b. Total price to equal $12,700. I set up a time to met with the dealer to pay for the mowers. 6pm on Friday. I had to rush to make the appointment. When I get there the guy decided to leave for the day but didn't bother to call and tell me. In my eyes this does not reflect on the dealer or the product very well. To be honest I'm not sure I want these mowers now if it is a hint of bad things to come. Anyone have any thoughts on this. Keep in mind this is my first dealing with Exmark EVER!!!!!!
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    Unfortunately its your dealings with a dealer, that makes a reflection on eXmark. Have you found out from the dealer why he left? Maybe he had an emergency? Maybe not, but you need to find out all the info beforehand.

    Dealers are always a concern to eXmark and any mfg for that matter. They need to know these types of things. Maybe Terry, Dustin or Fred can help out.
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    You’re probably right it doesn't reflect well on the dealer or the Exmark product line very well and I'd probably be a little upset too. On the other hand there may be a reasonable explanation. You may want to call the dealership and talk to the gentleman you had set the appointment up with before making any decisions. I doubt that you made the decision to spend $12,000 based on one fact, conversation or incident. You probably did your homework, studied the various brands, dealer representation and solicited opinions from others. I don't know that I would change my mind based on one incident unless you’re absolutely certain it is justified.

    The other thing to consider is this. The dealership is made up of people. Each person has talents and abilities that help them do their job. Just because the salesman, manager or even owner may have let your appointment slip his mind doesn't mean that the shop doesn't offer great service. If the truth were known I can be pretty absent minded my self once in a while. It's a good thing my 5 year old knows where everything is in the kitchen cuz otherwise I'd be eating cereal a lot more.

    Send me an e-mail to with your name and information as well as the name of the dealership and I'll make sure that someone contacts you.


  4. John Gamba

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    GET A DIFFERENT DEALER!!!!!!!!The mowers are great, dont let this dealer make you mow with anything less.
  5. OP

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    Sorry I forgot to say he did call and leave a message on my voicemail saying that he was wondering when we could get together to pay for the items but never said anything about the missed appointment. In my eyes very unprofessional
  6. AGL

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    My experience with two dealers in SW PA is similar to yours.

    Purchased a 2003 52" HP last Spring. It was delivered with a steering problem (slight - probably just needs adjustment). I called the dealer a couple of times within the first month of purchase to have someone look at it and have gotten zero return calls.

    I lived with it last Summer figuring I'd get it taken care of from another dealer in the Spring. Sent an email to the service department of the second dealer about three weeks ago asking that someone contact me to arrange a service call for my Z. Couple of days go by - no call. So I call them. Let me take your phone number and someone will get back to you in a day or so. 2 weeks later - nothing.

    Sent an e-mail to Exmark service two days ago - nothing. However it has only been two days.

    I've got to say that I like my Exmark a lot. But, before purchasing you really have to decide whether the lack of service in some areas is worth the premium price you pay for an Exmark.

    Many people rant & rave about the quality of Emarks service, so there must be a lot of happy customers. I personally think the quality of their product is great - they just need to work on their dealer program.

  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I went though much worse then that plowman when I made my purchase and it was 21,000. Delays, check cashing problems they couldn’t verify our checks with the new service they had we had to write something like 11 checks they couldn’t take one over 2,000 dollars that day I mean you name it. To this day the fear me and rightfully so after that I don’t even get asked to verify checks. Its now first name and what ever I want gets their full attention because they know I am serious. Bottom line was I was buying the product and I'm very happy with that the dealer has since realized my value probably the 33,000 Iv spent there this year and I am now treated as I expect to be treated and thus they have kept my business.
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    Sorry to here no one has gotten back you. Give me a call at 800-667-5296. You can ask for me or simply ask for the service department and one of the tech guys will take care of you ASAP! I'll put our service team up against anyone’s. It's possible they dropped the ball a little bit but that would be extremely rare. You can also shoot me an e-mail to

    Heck I learned most of what I know from Paul, Tim, Chris, Harold, Lenny and Dustin (still learning too). I didn't learn a darn thing from Fred though.........just kidding Freddy it's just that most of what I learned from you is illegal in all but a few foreign countries.


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    Better watch out Terry, you never know what invention Fred is working on right now.
  10. zero_turn_mowers

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    I would find another dealer that will treat you better.


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