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Hey business owners....

So BIL put my name out there to a neighbor who has a horrible "contractor" quality yard job in a newish (10yr old) development....

Hed like irrigation, and enriching soil to sustain the new seed that will also be laid.
I will add new top soil and lime with erosion mat to hold the seed to the slope.

the lot is 25000sqft and a killer slope
Its atleast 25ft tall with being even with the 2nd floor gutter level of the houses and drops to ground level within 50 ft. The pics dont do it justice.

So my big thing is how to amend the soil without churning (tilling) it to prevent erosion or mudslide...because that is hard packed North Carolina red clay with no topsoil, and if I till it, even with mat on it, it could slide right into the kitchen (especially with hurricane season approaching, and I really dont want that claim to happen.

I can lime the heck out of it, 2-3 times a year, and over time that helps...
As far as irrigation, he wants coverage for his entire yard from the faucet...and I am thinking of splitting them up into 3 zones,

Slope, Backyard and front yard.... and with a timer allowing no more than 15-20minutes per cycle...maybe twice a day to start.... 7am and again at 3... then in fall switch to 30 minutes per zone once a day...2-3 times a week depending on rainfall.

He got an estimate from another irrigation company but they wont return his calls now due to amount of work... and hes been calling them for 2 months now without a return call....

The liability of the slope eroding due to tilling is a little unnerving and the pressure required to operate the 8-10 heads up that slope might be a bit much..

If I had a hydroseeder and a straw blow truck, thatd be good but still doesnt help improve the soil.

Open to thoughts as far as pricing per sqft, pricing with slope addon (the slope covers almost 10,000sqft).. 90% of the risk and the reward will be that I figure I would tag a premium percentage onto the proposal due to the severity of the slope..

for instance...if I were to bid 10k on a 25000sqft FLAT property...I would add on a 30% hike due to the now itd be $13k

Like I to thoughts...

A hydroseeder can improve the soil
With the right product
Look into Verdyol biotic earth and bonded fiber matrix mulch to hold that hill
It’s literally made for what you’ve got there

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