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    While I have everyone's attention in debating over my wall in the generic sense, can someone please advise as to the pluses and minuses of redoing my wall in concrete vs. engineered stone from an economic, structural and ongoing maintenance perspective. As I stated previously, if concrete, I would only consider if I could "jazz" it up with stencil and stain. Thanks again and keep up the lively debate !
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    it did not let me pm you because it says you dont accept private. I live in Ossining which is like a 10 minute drive. I got a call for a similiar situations you are in and I don't think it was you because this guy said he got my flyer and I didn't put any up in Amawalk. I am available to do any landscape install or renovation. I probably be able to do lawn maintenance but it is hard to drive up there every week. Most of my lawns are within a mile of me but If you get a neighbor who wants the lawn done to then I will be able to do it. My company name is Manor Landscape and Design. My email is if you want to email me I can give you more info.
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    Well in NJ walls only need a private engineer stamp when they are over specific heights. Some towns are 4.0 ft, some are 3.0 ft. and some I have seen as high as 8 ft. Meaning if your wall is under those heights you DONT need a engineer. Many towns require a building permit.. but not engineering unless you exceed there height requirements.
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    I'm not talking about your town! I'm stating an industry wide fact! Block manufacturers have their own requirements as to how high you can build a wall without engineering (most are 3') So whether or not your township requires it is a moot point. TThe people making the block say you do! After all I think they know the limitations of their product.

  5. YardPro

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    i agree..

    it amazes me how little people know about the product they sell and install...

    celtic wall for example is 42".....clearly stated in the technical info guide published by the manufacturer.
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    Thanks yardpro! I can't believe the thought process of some people.


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