Big Snow or Little Snow

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    I have two choices of where I'm going to plow. One is close to my base of operations(near hartford connecticut) and then there is the northwest hills of connecticut which is about an 1 hour away. Hartford connecticut area averages 45 inches while the northwest hills average 70 inches. I have no problem getting up there, but I've read previous posts and it seems that there is more panic in certain areas when snow falls and therefore you get paid for 1-3 inch snowfalls. Which do you recommend? I'd be doing only residential contracts. Gas isn't a problem because I have diesel and its only 30 miles away so don't factor that in. Thanks.
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    ". I have no problem getting up there"

    Let me put this as sweetly as I can.


    If you think you are going to get from West Hartford to, say, Winsted in an hour during a snowstorm on a Friday afternoon dream on. Try more like 3. And that includes figuring on going an alternate route than 44 over the mountain.

    You should be able to find more than enough work in your neighborhood, avg driveway on Trout Brook Drive goes for $35. Youd be lucky to get 20 in the hills.
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    Winsted was where I was planning on going. Good guess. I think I'll be plowing windsor locks area, Does that sound better? 3 hours! Holy quackenducks!! I didn't think about going in a snow. Duh! God I'm dumb. Why couldn't you take 44? Those roads get shut down a lot? It looks like some preety high terrain when I was driving through there.
    Thanks for the help. You mean the ridge(taconic mountain) just past west harford. Thats a pretty serious climb. What happens during the winter, they shut it down?
  4. Mike_Smith

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    Where's trout brook dirve? Where are the highest rates in the hartford area. I'd guess west hartford or windsor locks. What do you think?
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    Rt 44 between Mountain Rd and the bottom of the hill in Avon (Rt 10) is usually closed at first snow until DOT can get a handle on things. Not that the road is that bad, but all the soccer moms drive their Expeditions 90 mph snow or no snow, and usually end up blocking all the lanes.

    Personally I would try and stay as close to home base as practical. Drive time can be a killer, esp during heavy storms. And it could be cloudy in Windsor and be snowing 2 inches an hour in Winsted, you'd never know it until the first angry call comes in!

    I thought you were the Mike Smith from the Dodge list who is from West Hartford. Sorry.
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    why do you want to drive an hour (or 3 in the snow) to plow? keep all your accounts close so if anything happens, you're always close by. if the area you live in is wealthy, you shouldn't have a problem lining up accounts. in some parts of CT, it's pretty poor so a lot of people do the driveways themselves, or just don't care about them. try and group all your accounts close to eachother, and try not to get driveways that will have cars in them in the winter.
    talk to dino, he should be able to help you out more.

  7. n y snow pros

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