Big Sod Roll Installation


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Manitoba, canada
Does anybody know how many square yards of sod that can be installed per day with the big 40yd rolls?

My crew will be set up with 2 tracked skid steers (with operators) equipped with bobcat sod roll attachment, and 2 laborers stitching pieces together.

The sod farm is telling me my crew should be able to install 40,000 sqft per 10 hour day.

Sound accurate?


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Lot of variables like if area is flat or sloped, How close the rolls will be to area, how good the operators are etc. If those attachments have the automatic cutter that would be quicker. 40,000 could be done if everything were laid out effeciently. Depending on how good the sod is and the operators, you may need more laborers to keep up with the fixing and patching.