Big Test for Bad Boy Warranty!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cj4, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. cj4

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    :confused:Hate to have to post this but I've ran into a problem with my Bad Boy 31hp Kawasaki. I've had it 3 wks or so and love it. The day I picked it up at the dealer he and I both noticed some new oil leaking forward of the motor. He said he had thought some oil got spilled at the factory or something like that and had washed it off but was pointing out to me that it came back. We both looked it over good and couldn't find the exact location. It appeared to be coming from the bottom of the engine but couldn't pin-point it. He said take it and keep an eye on it and let him know. Well after several times of power washing it and trying to trace it down, I discovered it was coming from the oil sending unit (may be technically called something else) on the right side of the engine. Called the dealer, he ordered it, he called me today and said the new part was in. The part didn't look exactly like mine so I stepped out to his new line and saw it was the one for the 26hp liquid cooled Kawasaki. He made several calls to Bad Boy, they confirmed it would work ok on this 31hp too. He screwed it in, started it up and it leaked worse now. So we put the old one back in thinking we need to order the exact part like the one that came outta leaked just as bad now also. Come to find out the dealer pointed out to me the engine block right outside of where the part screws in was cracked!!! Sure enough it looked cracked and to me also. Appears to me the factory may have screwed it in too tight or with an impact wrench and mildly cracked it causing the slow leak and then when the dealer messed with it the leak and crack got worse. says at least the lower sump part of the block is gonna have to be replaced. I agree. I gotta say, the dealer has offered to bring me a new 26hp to use if we can't get this thing going soon. He really has assured me that he is very concerned and will jump on this. He has always so far gone the extra mile for me so I have alot of faith in him. Now if Kawasaki and Bad Boy will just do the same. A test indeed is at hand!! I just hope I don't have to wait and wait for a rep to have to come to look at it before somebody gets something going!!!

    Sure miss it already.......::cry:
  2. M&M Mowing

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    Gonna check my 31hp Gravely tomorrow morining! Havent noticed loosing any oil though. Hope you get your problems straightend out, you will find that the 26hp is a little easier on gas which is a plus!
  3. cj4

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    I'm sure if I use his demo I'll like the 26hp but you know how it just don't feel comfortable using someone elses mower for an extended time anyway......esp when you pay over $10k (tax and accessories) for your own new one. I'm patient so far though, heck things happens..........I just expect a quick, efficient response.....hoping it's not like a car dealer/manufacturer!!!! Guess I'll see, huh?
  4. nosparkplugs

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    Is the dealer working out of this house or a enclosed trailer?, I know that I would be pissed off, and would want a trained tech working on my engine. You should have told him he might as well get that loan mower right now; because I don't think a cracked lower block can be fixed in one day
  5. Lawnut101

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    Best of luck to u. But it sounds like you have a great dealer like mine. He's stepping up to the plate for you.
  6. BryceBentleyLCS

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    I cant wait for the end of this post.
  7. cj4

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    This dealer runs a hardware store, small engine shop, in a small town, family business, 2nd generation..........they've been around a long time and he seems pretty sharp. Looks to me like the lower part of the block where this is at just bolts on......never seen one tore apart personally like this one but it doesn't look too difficult.
  8. retrodog

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    Keep us updated, did you get the loaner yet, prolly looking at 2 days down anyways if he is getting on the ball about it. My mechanic is fresh out of Kawa school, and he said that kawa is a little slow reacting to getting parts (going down the channels). Bad Boy is pretty good about fixing and getting reimbursed from the engine companies on some issues. We had a Briggs lock up on a customer, and instead of waiting on Briggs to decide what to do, BB jsut sent us the new motor theirselves, and I guess they fought it out with Briggs later, cause all I had to do was stick it on the mower :walking:
  9. skinnydogz

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    Let me say that last year I purchased my first of two Bad Boy mowers. At the end of the season I began having serious issues with the cut and how the deck was operating. I called my dealer and took it in...he agreed, called BB and said he didn't know how to week later, mind you again this is after 4 months of use, BB sent me a brand new mower.....I was like holy shLt.....BRAND NEW no questions asked......they totally stepped up....needless to say, I needed another mower I bought a Bad Boy
  10. zemzabob

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    I hope it all works out for you let us know.

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