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Big Tex Dump Trailers


LawnSite Senior Member
Does any one have one ? and if so what did you pay for it and what does it have for equipment> Also any other dump trailers that can carry a bobcat and a 6yd load with out sides on it from the factory?


LawnSite Member
I am not familiar with the big tex , but we have an E Z Dumper that will haul a 963 bobcat and is listed at 5 yd. capacity with no sides. I have added 12" wooden sides to the top to increase capacity for mulch and leaves. The quickest way we run out of capacity is weight depending on what you haul. The E Z dumper is a 6812 model low profile, the lows haul weight better than the high mount models. The trailer is listed at 10,000 gvw, but with a weight of 3,000 we are limited to 7,000 cargo. Our trailer also has twin rams and is power up - power down.

mdb landscaping

LawnSite Silver Member
Glastonbury, CT
i currently have a single axle bri-mar. we paid around 3,500 dollars for it. we put a spray in bedliner in it so the surface wouldnt scratch. this has been the best trailer we have ever had. having the ability to dump the trailer with the push of a button is a great thing to have. i would definately give bri mar a chance.