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Did any of you guys read the September Lawn & Landscape? I saw an article about two guys that had a landscaping business that were making $1,750,000 in 1999, the 2000 goal was $2,000,000. They said that they had %75 was landscape maintenance, %15 landscape installations, and %10 snow removal. Of course all that money was before they paid employees, taxes etc.. But still, they had probably at least 1 million just for themselves! I guess we could ALL be that successful if we had enough work to go around for everyone in town. I know even if I ted my town, I wouldn't make any more the $50,000 after taxes, etc.. We all have goals, go for 'em!


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Oh, I'm sure they made AT LEAST $1,000,000! LOL

Please, guy.

I'm buddies with a half dozen guys who GROSS $2,000,000 and let me assure you, there isn't that kind of margins.



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I thought that way too. But after I paid more attention to the BUSINESS side of it, I now know where it all goes. Its kinda like the 3 stooges episode. Curly wins 50k as a prize, after taxes hes left with $1.50.


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Like I said, if you play your cards right you could be in that boat as well. You have all the advantages of being young, ie. no personal expenses. If you take advantage now you can build an empire. Think big. Build up enough assests like equipment and equity now and you will be living like a king, and don't squander your money. Build up your equipment with the money that you make mowing grass and use the other maney that make from that night job for leisure. once you have a reasonable amount of equpmetn and assests your expenses will be limited. And remember, don't under sell yourself.


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Just to give you an idea what it's really like.......
The guy that owned the tree service i used to work for grossed 3,000,000 the last year i was there , about 12 employees, he made about 200,000 for himself. And that was pretty good, now guess where the rest of that dough went?


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I'll take a guess where it all went:
Local Taxes
Federal Taxes
State Taxes
Trailer license plates fee
Gas for mowers/equipment
Gas for truck
New equipment
Storage Unit
Truck payment
Liability insurance premiums
Truck insurance premiums
Office supplies
Truck repairs
Cell phone bill
Health insurance
Landscaping supplies
Accountant fees
Unemployment taxes

I'm sure there are more that I can't think of right now. And every one of the expenses I listed were more costly than I envisioned when I set out on this voyage called self employment. I have a college degree in business and still never understood accounting and finances until I began my business. By the way I would much rather bill $90,000 and take home $70,000 than bill $5 million and take home $50,000. Trust me it happens all the time.


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