Big time low ball!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Trinity Lawn Care LLC, Mar 25, 2006.

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    I just had my second run in with a big time low baller today.

    1st commercial contract: 4 of us bid on it. 3 of us where all in the same ball park. the 4th one came in $500 a month lower than the rest of us.

    Today, I get a call from someone that had asked me for an estimate. For tons of stuff. Aerating, fert, mowing, mulching, reedging the beds, shrub trimming, and more. I went out did the estimate (few days ago). He said sounds great. He calls today to say that someone else just did a bid for him and they are much cheaper than I am. 10 yds of mulch, prep beds, reedge, and install for around $200. Also, he said that he found someone to do fert on a 3,500 sqft lawn for about 15 an app. I told him that I appreciate his call, but he may want to go ahead and go with them. I said that for his safety that he should make sure that they are fully licensed and insured. He asked me why??? I briefly explained to him the reasons. Then I said that is why it is not always best to go with someone just because they are cheaper. His response was well they do lawns and stuff all the time. I said that means absolutely nothing, and that I shared with him the insurance and lic. info with him for his safety. He said thank you I will call you if anything goes wrong. This is only my second year so I haven't had a whole lot of run in with lowballers, but it seems like this year is going to be a different ball game. Sorry so long. I had to vent.

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    HA! That's not a lowballer...that's an ignoramous :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    I know how you feel. I was talking with a guy the other day about that same topic. He had a very similar response. I explained how everyone in the city is crying about lack of money for schools and basic services,(they are too) yet so many people are willing to go with the ones that low priced and very likely illegal, and not paying a dime in tax. I hate it as much as the next guy, but it (the taxes) pumps money back into the local economy, and if something gets screwed up from us, we pay for it because we are insured. I could go on and on about the same bidding wars but no sense in it. I just wish they would think about it and understand how it hurts everyone in the industry.:nono:
    For those who disagree don't start wiggin out and writing a bunch of angry posts. I am mainly referring to "the $10.00 man" who pays no insurance, has no business license, pays no tax, and on and on. The one who is able to lowball for anything and everything because there is "nothing required"
    hopefully you get the idea, I have rambled too long as well, I'm done! :)
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    from my few years in this business i can tell you from my experience no one cares one bit about license or insurance they want cheap service and a lawn that looks good. only about 1 call a year asks if we are licensed and insured and then ends it at that.. they dont ask for a license number or anything and just say ok good was just checking... Someone could be licensened but have 500 complaints on file and honestly i tried searching once on how to file a complaint with the better business bureu and it was a huge huge pain in the ass and i highly doubt most homeowners even know who to contact.

    most people who arent licensed or insured would never do a job that endangered anyones house or anyones life .. yes accidents do happen but it is probably so rare homeowners never hear stories from there friends about how there unlicensed landscapers ruined there life.... and theres a reason why the insurance is under 1000 a year for most people because the insurance companies probably get 1 claim every 100 years

    just my opinions and yes i am licensed and insured only because they take your truck and trailer away if you get caught and i dont want to risk losing every customer i have instead of paying a couple grand a year in lic/ins fees
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    That is insane after gas food and drink hell have 10 bux maybe to show for a full days work. Obviously no insurance. Ya he could make alot more working at Walmart as a greeter. That is sad.
  6. jsf343

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    no one would do a job that endangers someones house or life?! No they may not kill or destroy but you have to be crazy to think that injury or damage to someone or something isn't a real possibility.Everyday there are dangers and objects that could become projectiles. Hit someone or something. Heck, edging is dangerous enough. I know pea gravel is one of my favorites. Potential for Bodily injury and property damage are always there I dont care what you say. Not slamming you, just telling you my opinion as well. I would pity the fool who doesn't have the protection of insurance and all the other legal necessities in case something did happen or they did get caught. (for many reasons other then what we are discussing) Anyway, I don't want to hijack this thread. I am glad we can have a civilized discussion.
  7. dKoester

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    Don't worry about it because their doing alot of work for NOTHING! Some guy in my neighborhood was trying to take some of our lawns, we charge 30 for 7500 square foot, He told the lady he would do it for 5.00 dollars and she said no. She told me if you pay for a 5 dollar job you get a 5 dollar job.
  8. Pro-Scapes

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    i hope that didnt include the cost of materials etc. I cant even have 10 yards of mulch delivered for 200 lol

    I been low balled anywhere from 200 to 800 a month on some accts. Had one I was CHEAP on as I owed them a favor and we traded some services and got beat by 50% Needless to say that ended that relationship as they thought i had been ripping them off.
  9. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I see it every spring and the last 2 have been worse than usual. The insurance has never helped me a bit, all they want is cheap as they can get lawn care so I just move on. I love it when they call back in June on a 100+ degree day and ask if I can start back mowing their yard because el cheapo lawn service has disappeared and their phone has been turned off. I still say quality work and (my biggest compliment) is being dependable as clock work, will pay off someday (or so I keep telling myself).
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    Amen..... :usflag: :drinkup:

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