Big tree watering bid help needed.

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by JohnnyRoyale, May 28, 2008.

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    We just picked up a tender for watering 1100 city owned trees on roadsides 10 times in total per season between the months of June to October. It is a 3 year deal, and they are suggesting we supply a minimum of a two man crew and a minimum of 500 gal tank on a truck. They want the trees watered every two weeks, approx 8 gals per tree. I'm thinking of supplying a 1200 Gal water tank (which I have), mounted on s/a dump with removable sides (which sits most of the time in the summer anyways), and two guys. It would probably take the two guys a full two weeks (200 man hours) to complete one watering. Wages up here are around 18.00 per hour for the driver, and 15.00 for the assistant. They are looking for unit pricing per tree per watering. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these types of contracts, and what kind of pricing you would submit.
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    figure out how long it takes you to water one tree, like 5 minutes then just figure that into a cost. if the trees are close you dont really have to figure travel time but if they are far way add a minute or two to each tree.
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    What does it cost to run that truck? Where/ what is your water source? How long will it take to fill the tank? I think a tankful will make it the day. Your 200hrs implies minimal travel, I'd say yards between trees. Your going to have overtime.

    Assuming water is free, running a 10 wheeler, and with a very low profit (normal with municipal) I came up with 18.75 per tree per watering. I would be careful though with fuel as crazy as it is I would probably add $0.50+ per tree. Doing this you should make great money the first year, make a slight profit the second, and lose a little the third. If fuel prices stabilize you'll make a good return all three.

    Basically just figure out your costs to run the crew for the two weeks its going to take to complete a round of watering, remembering the overtime and divide by the 1100 trees.

    I used your labor rates but I used fuel at $5 and a truck cost of $45, this plus my labor burden, overhead, and profit results in the 18.75.
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    8 gal isnt very much every other week, i would look into gator bags or something like them so you can just blast the bag full and be gone not wait for the water to trickle down.
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    We have a watering contract like you have for trees. We charge $150 an hour. This time starts when we leave the shop and includes all fill-ups.
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    I figured that much, thanks
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  8. JohnnyRoyale

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    Sounds sweet. Assuming 1 truck and 2 guys, right?
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    Replies are in red.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Some valid points to consider here-thanks all for your input.

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