Big Trucks dont always equal big bucks

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, Jan 21, 2001.

  1. dmk395

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    Just because you drive a truck doesnt mean that u make big bucks, or are even successfull. I would much rather have a couple beater trucks, then have one $30,000 one, because as the richest man in town once told me, U put your money in your pocket, these other guys work for truck payments.
  2. Randy Scott

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    Very true statement, but to each his own.

    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    if you like to drive beatup trucks-thats your perogative-don't knock people who do. the way i see it if i want to make a big payment thats my business and nobody elses. i drive my truck for work and personal use and i like it-----2001 f-250 superduty 4x4 deisel crewcab loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could pocket a heck of alot more money if i drove a clunker!!!!!!!!!!
  4. kutnkru

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    I'm not saying that the advice of your friend is incorrect. However, if you are just looking for STRICTLY mowing accounts, then yes, it does not matter what you drive as long as you show up with some kind of mower running.

    If you are looking for "high-end" residential clients then you HAVE to consider the appearance of your outfit. Our clients are looking for full service (one-stop-shop). This is the reason why we have re-painted our vehicles at least twice and drive trucks newer than 10 yrs old, and are currently looking into newer ones.

    But not to sound snobish, I have a friend in the business who drives a rusted out chevy 2500 p-up with rain and sun gleaming thru the floor boards, and his customers are quite happy.

    Basically its all about where you want to be on the ladder, and I'm a FIRM believer in dressing for success.

  5. RYAN

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    I would rather have 2 or 3 trucks for the $30,000 than 1. or one truck and $15,000 of equipment. I myself have never seen the need for a brand new truck with all the bells and whistles. You can buy a very reliable, clean and professional looking truck for $15,000 easily and put the money you save back into the biz. I think some people need a big expensive truck just to feel important.

  6. dmk395

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    Good point ryan! We have this guy in our town, he went under. 3 diesel dump trucks, and he cuts as much grass as i do with 1, 1988 chevy. LOL
  7. paul

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    As long as it runs every day and you keep them clean then use what ever you like, but if you have more than one truck on the road and crews that have to be some place so they make money for you then new is the way to go. Can't see paying for a crew while they work on a truck or have it breaking down along the road.
  8. Evan528

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    I have a "$30,000" ford f-250 ext cab xlt. I bought such a expensive truck because i not only use it for work but it is also my personal vehicle. If i were only driving for work id get a $15,000 truck, but i work hard.... i decided to spoil my self for once.
  9. mmorgan

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    Well I am sort of split on this one. One important thing though is to look professional. If you look like sandford and son, people will wonder if your service is the same. Cost of operation is a consideration as well. Sometimes high repair bills and poor fuel economy will offset payments. I currently have 2 trucks. A fully restored frame off, 1979 Chevrolet 3/4 ton 4x4. (sweet) I actually hate working with it, but it does the job well. There are occasional repairs, minor as they are, once in a while you may experience down time. Also fuel mileage is 5 mpg at best
    Truck # 2 is a 2000 Chevy 1500 4x4. Yes I have a payment, but I am depreciating the truck on my taxes, I have no repair bills, and I am currently getting 16 mpg. My kidneys thank me everytime I drive it instead of the '79 as well!

    P.S. You MUST look Cool on your Stool!!!!

    I was just reading other threads on this same issue. Public perception is a lose/lose situation as far as trucks and equipment goes. Before I finished my '79 and bought the '00, I drove a 1999 Chevrolet crew cab dually 4x4. Victory red, alcoa wheels, diamond tread everywhere, black windows, etc. (I really miss this truck!!). People in town said that I was making too much money. When I finished the '79, I sold the "Mother Ship". Anything is for sale if the money is right! Then people said I was going broke and could not afford such toys. A few months later I bought my '00. "Now he's back in the chips" they said.

    The bottom line is, you will never be right in the public eye. For some, a truck is just transportation and for others it is an item of great pride that you probly spend too much on, but that is what you choose to do with your money. I have always been a truck fan, so I choose to spoil myself in this area. We all need a little reward once in a while. Sorry for the great length, but it just had to be said.

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