Big Weed removal Job...Need advice!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by pattytastik, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. lukemelo216

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    do you believe the price range i gave is too low? It looks like a big job, but it really isnt. Youre talking like 200sqft of beds. couple of guys with razorbacks and some spades and those roots will be out in no time.
  2. ny scaper

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    Good advice guys. It's a PITA job, but they are soemtimes the best. Digging the roots and crap out is going to be time consuming no doubt. Looking at start to finish cleanup only including cutting the two trees down, no mulch - I'd be in the $400 range as well. But you'd have to add in your preen expense and debris removal expenses.
  3. pattytastik

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    That sounds pretty good. Are there any tools that would make this easier other than rakes and shovels?
    Any other hand tools you guys would use for this?
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  4. ny scaper

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    a spade will make it go faster in my opinion. But I wouldnt use my edging spade!!
  5. Smallaxe

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    The surest way to kill/eliminate perennial roots is with gly... spraying it, then removing the dead tops is about the best... if you're digging around in there you are going to be missing a few little chunks of root and by the time you find them above the mulch, in a year or 2 they have grown into your new plantings...

    Cut the tree and paint gly on the stump at full strength...
  6. The Next Paige

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    Is the job Completed?? Can you share with us what you ended up doing?? Hope your Client is happy, it looks like a lot of work!
  7. pattytastik

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    I unfortunetly did not get the job. Client says it isn't because of the price, just because something happened..not sure what that means, but I still do her lawn so it isn't because she doesn't like my work or anything lol. Oh well, no biggie.

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