BIG yards vs. little yards

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tom-N-Texas, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Tom-N-Texas

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    Is it just me, or are small lawns more profitable than larger ones?....I'm almost to the point to where I don't want any more large ones....unless they're large enough for a riding mower.

    My crew and I (4 guys) can knock out 5-6 small yards in the same neighborhood in an hour. That's $125-150 per hour. (When I say small I mean less than 1/4 of an acre)

    However if you start doubling or tripling the size of the lawn, that doesn't necessarily mean that the homeowner can afford double or triple the PRICE. So over the years, I've had to take a hit on these large lawns if I want the business.

    Not to mention, larger lawns take more out of your equipment, gas and wear and tear on your body.

    Of course if the lawn is large enough that you can stick a riding mower on it (3/4 acre or larger)....then that's a different story.
  2. daveintoledo

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    I can easily make well over 1.00 a minute on small lawns..... much more profitable for me as well
  3. eshreve1234

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    All I do are large lawns, smallest is 1 acre this season. With the right equipment they are fine, also you can make more money by up selling your other services on a larger scale.
  4. Mower For Less

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    The very small ones, about 5000 - 8000 sq ft are my MOST profitable of all. It is even better when there are a few of them all next to each other with no drive time. Thats the gravy of the day. With no travel time I can knock out 4-5 of these size yards in 1 hour with a 2 man crew, with one 36" mower.

  5. Trevors Lawn Care

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  6. KathysLGC

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    I prefer small lawns 5000-15000k
    The arce + lawns kill me in time with all the cut throats here.
  7. marko

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    I dont think anything can beat the tiny yards. As you add people to your crew (in your case a total of 4) I do not think as efficient as (2) 2 man crews. If you have the resources, try (2) 2 man crews and I bet you could knock out an extra lawn in the same time. I will take the small ones over the big ones any day!
  8. Tom-N-Texas

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    I only use 21" mowers on smallish lawns. I've had too many complaints in the past about using my walk-behinds. To tell you the truth, I don't think the large mowers cut nearly as nicely as the 21" inchers.

    I could probably save some time with a bigger mower, but to me it's not worth it. By the way, I have the fastest, best employees ever. We regularly knock out 40-45 1/4 lawns per day. My record is 50.
  9. ECS

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    I only target the big lawns. When I get those, I usually end up with their plowing in the winter and hopefully their caretaking in the winter and indoor odd jobs in the winter. That isn't going to happen for me with the smaller properties, no way. Although their are a couple of big properties with tiny lawns that I am after for the same reason I stated.
  10. Tvov

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    from CT
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    Lot's of variables. In one neighborhood, we've got 5 bigger (about 25,000sqft) lawns. The two man crew pulls up, one guy takes the ZTR, the other the 36" and trims. The truck only has to be moved once (it doesn't have to be, but works out best that way), the ZTR simply drives to each lawn. In this case, it is definitely worth it. If these lawns were all separate, you don't make as much money.

    But... usually, in order to get a bunch of these lawns altogether, you have to start mowing only one, then get the neighbors. You have to start somewhere!

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