Bigger tank on Toro 22156?

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    Wondering if anyone who uses this model has rigged up a bigger fuel tank for it. I recently noticed that on Toro's website that the heavy duty 21" 22196 model with the Honda 160cc engine has a larger gas tank much the the ones on the Kaw. I'm wondering if this tank would mount on to the back of my 22156 with has 190cc engine that looks very similar to the 160cc. I'll attach a couple pics. I know I'll have to trim the plastic around the recoil and tank on the 22156 and likely some other stuff but man I would be great to go a whole day without filling this thing about 4 times. Let me know what everyone thinks.



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    . I highly dobut you could do that. Because on the 190 the fuel tank is built in. If I find links after I'll post for you.
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