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    I have a clean up job in one yard where the weeds are about 3' high, much of it laying down since it is so tall. So when I got prepped to do the job I brought my 25cc line trimmer with those 3 plastic blades attached to the metal head. The blades are sharp even though they are plastic and they swivel. The other equipment I brought was my 27cc line trimmer with .095 silent twist line and then later .130 line.

    The line trimmer with the blades seemed to do the job ok as long as I cut down to the roots, otherwise the tall grass would just rap around the head. Trying to cut through the grass wasn't productive since it only ended up in tangled grass so I was then questioning my investment of these blades at Home Depot.

    I later switched to the 27cc line trimmer and was immediately pleased with the power difference. 2cc's definitely does feel different, so any one debating on size, get the biggest you can get. Others before told me that the extra weight is a huge disadvantage when using a line trimmer, but I feel that in the long run it will get you through more work with much less effort and frustration than using a smaller, lighter machine.

    The .095 and .130 line worked well and cut through the middle of the grass with no problems. For jobs that take a long time I like using the silent twist line - it is really quiet, really. Going back to the larger round line is in some way "cool" cause you can hear the power of the machine as it revs up. Big deal I think some times, but to me it is sort of like having a pair of turbo mufflers on my Chevy Camaro instead of a quiet muffler. It just sounds cool.

    Conclusions for the day, the 3-blade head wasn't good for this job with long grass, but might be better suited for shorter weeds and definitely not where you'll need to trim against a fence or edging, silent twist line is quiet and lastly a larger engine gets you through a job with tall grasses and weeds with sooo much less effort than one with even a 2cc smaller engine.

    So, my larger engine trimmer has again justified itself. I still wonder what using a 34cc trimmer would be like.

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