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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by rywnygc, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. rywnygc

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    Got a referral and went out to a property today. Pretty much all of the side yard and back yard is mulch. Here is a list of what needs done.

    edge and mulch 2 trees at curb and a lightpost in the front yard.
    Remove 2 dwarf alberta spruces in front of house.
    Replace dead bulbs in landscape lighting.
    Remove stone from right edge of house and replace with mulch.
    Add 2-3 lilac bushes in rear bed.
    Remove an old juniper.
    edge around right side bed (97 feet) and in a few other spots (most areas have paver edging.
    Take out plastic edging in some areas.
    Plant a few shrubs in all beds.
    Mulch all beds that aren't labled stone in crappy drawing.

    There is a bit more, but its minor stuff.

    The beds measure out to 6,189 SF. I used a mulch calculator and at 2 inches it comes to 38.2 cubic yards.

    Where I'm having a problem is the mulch. I have come up with a price for the rest of the work. The way I price mulch (which I have said in another thread) is a mark up of $10 a yard to make it 35 a yard and then my labor rate of $60 per hour. I know that most guys charge around $75 a yard installed.
    At that rate it comes to about $2,865 installed.
    The way I price it, the mulch comes to $1,337 and I estimate about 6 hours to spread it which is $360 for a total of $1,697. This is all before tax of course. That is a difference of $1,168!!!!

    Like I said before, I have prices for all the other work, but I'm stuck on how to price this mulch job. That is a huge price difference. This is the biggest job I have done on my own so far, so I really want to get it. I have stuck to mowing so far but am trying to pick up more landscape work this season. If you guys could help break this down short bus style to help me figure out this estimate, it would be great. Here is a very rough and horribly drawn layout of the property. Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions and advise.

  2. rywnygc

    rywnygc LawnSite Senior Member
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    the yellow on the top of the pic is an error, it does not need to be edged. It has the plastic edging.
  3. Stillwater

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    how big is your crew
  4. rywnygc

    rywnygc LawnSite Senior Member
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    2 man, sorry for leaving that out.
  5. Kylec3

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    its only gonna take 2 men 6hrs to put down 38yds of mulch?? and are u getting all the mulch delivered there or do u have to take the time to go get a few more truck loads of mulch? your price is pretty low
  6. rywnygc

    rywnygc LawnSite Senior Member
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    it will be delivered.
  7. Mudly

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    unless you have a mulch mule and a squad of Rangers your not laying 38 yards in 6 hrs. my static rate for per yard installed includes edging and preping.
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  8. angelc77

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    I would charge $60 per yard labor x 38 yards $2280 plus the price of your mulch and delivery I have a 3 man crew and i would laid all mulch and prep in 6 hrs top then your other stuff adde all up present it then proposed to the customer if he does everything with you He/she wil get a 25% discount
  9. milsaps118

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    38cy in 6hrs???? No way, that means each guy will have to load, dump and spread almost 6.5cy per hour. If you and your helper can lay mulch at that pace you could be filthy rich just doing mulch jobs IF you priced it right.

    Find out what your competition is charging and price accordingly to that, not what you think you need to get per hour.
  10. jdutcher003

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    stick with the $75 per yard installed if you want to make some money. You could even do 65 a yard if you think the 75 is high. 75 is the going rate in our area for the most part

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