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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cleancut, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. cleancut

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    Today I went and gave estimates...I sent out letters to various home owner assoc. and condos...Received great response...The place that I looked at today is a community with 110 houses (not condos-large houses)...I think I have a good shot at getting this job but it does make me a little nervous..I'm afraid I'll underbid or that it will interfere with my other accounts...If I get it I'll have to start another crew....The contract includes pruning,mowing,fertilizing,mulching, and other various projects.It'll probably take 2 days to mow and trim..Does anybody else have jobs of this size..Have they worked out for you??Thanks..Derrick
  2. Greenkeepers

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    We do some work for homeowners associations... Our experience is that if you give them excellent service they will pay. Some of them are a big pain though so make sure that you can deal with the contact person..

    Good luck
  3. kutnkru

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    Best of luck!!!

    Thats a dream 110 accounts in a row. Keep us posted how you made out.

  4. cleancut

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    I think the site manager will be easy to work with...She just wants to stay informed..They're getting rid of the current company because of lack of communication..Just one thing: She said that the current company is mulching the entire place for $2,000..Each house will take about 3 yds of mulch...I can't see anybody doing this for that price..She must be mistaken..I was thinking more like $11,500...Which price sounds more accurate..???Also, what would u charge to mow..Each lawn will take about 10 min. and the are a couple of larger common areas that will take about 30 min. each....????Thanks...Derrick

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    2000 may be a smidge light but possibly ok if i saw the houses they may not take that much mulch with a yard as small as you say it is many square feet in the average bed?
  6. VLM

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    Contact the previous contractor! Do it now. He has all the info you need. Most likely the seperation was mutual and he will give you an earfull. He may save you from making some VERY costly mistakes. If you underbid this one it could ruin your life for the next year. I was presented with a similar situation last spring, 250 townhouses plus commons. I talked to the guy and he told me the whole scoop. The job was way underpriced and he was glad to unload it. The thing w/ homeowners associations is that there are allways a few (and sometimes lots) of people in them who make complaining a recreational sport. They will dedicate themselves to making you miserable no matter what you do. I refused the offer and the next guy didn't even last a month. Now the HA has returned the lawns to the homeowners. Go for it but be careful.
  7. HOMER

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    Personally I wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole! You better get additional phone lines and a complaint dept.

    I cut an entranceway for a homeowners ass......... I stress that too, ass...-------It was rather small and didn't take that long, nothing fancy just keep it mowed down. My price was $90.00 a month year round. Around October I got a call, the fellow wanted out, he couldn't get those sorry homeowners to come up with a measly 90.00 a month, he was generally over 30 days paying anyway. Point is, your relying on the asociation to have all the money, better ask to review their bank account to see if it is there--------up front, and earmarked for the guy who gets the job.

    All I had was 13 homes-----$90.00----------$6.92 per house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go figure.
  8. Greenman2ooo

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    I'd go with my gut instinct. Homer could be right on. On the other hand, there could be an unknown element that makes this job a keeper, for sure.

    I was advised by fellow forum members to pass on an account that I went on to do $6,000 worth of business with in one month! It is a good thing I trust my intuition sometimes! Your gut should be telling you what the right thing to do is. Being unsettled because you haven't done anything of this magnitude should not be mistaken for your gut telling you to bail!

    I grossed $630 cutting empty lots for a Homeowner's Association in a short afternoon. I'm sure there are Homeowner's Associations out there that would be impossible to deal with as well. Treat each case individually rather than stereotyping accounts that fit a certain profile.

    I specifically put a clause in my contracts that allows for either party to give the other party thirty days written notice of termination. If they are impossible to deal with, you sign off and let them go!
  9. Ssouth

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    CleanCut for the mulch I figure 330 yards and came out with a figure of $11550, and this doesn't include delivery of which I would not charge for a job of this size. That would be a profit of $5969.70. Can I come help you? I could use some extra money. Good luck, it sounds like you advertising is paying off.
  10. cleancut

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    Hey Ssouth if I get this account, I will need help..I'm still kinda wishy washy about the whole deal...The owner's assoc. is only taking 2 bids...They're having an emergency meeting on Monday and are going to pick a new company..So my odds are 50/50...I think I'll just bid high and if I get it, it should be worth it..They have a 60 day cancellation of services clause...As for the yards, they're not large but they have extensive landscaping...That's why it'll take about 3yds of mulch per house..As for my advertising, It's going great...It's the first year that I've agressively targeted certain areas..The response has way exceeded my expectations..My only expense is paper and postage and I've already payed for that several times over...Derrick

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