Biggest object you've hit with a mower you didnt see

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ijustwantausername, May 10, 2011.

  1. BestImpressions99

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    CL... the important question is... what was she wearing to make you so focused? :)
  2. BestImpressions99

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    Could you run that by me again Darryl? A little more depth would be great.
  3. BestImpressions99

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    The one that stopped my mower cold was an old street sign post that wasn't taken down low enough. I was mowing my upper driveway at 2" I beleive (so as to not have to come back to the top every week and mow) and caught it about half way down.

    The other was a small sledge hammer (the little ones that are about the size of a hammer) my son confiscated from me and played with up at his play house. Small explosion sound and about twenty feet away I see the head bouncing on the ground toward the house. (both instances of hitting something have been at my own house).

    My wife comes out and I tell her, "this is why I don't want anyone out while I'm mowing".

    Never hit anything of significance at a customers place. Beer bottles at the fields we do. Tennis balls at places with kids or dogs...
  4. Darryl G

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    Hit the corner of a house with the rear bagger of my mower turning away from it and crushed/bend up the aluminum siding...gotta watch that tail swing! I knew the house was there, just didn't expect the bagger to hit it.
  5. metro36

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    Put me on the cinderblock list. A guy had one 2" above grade marking his cespool. I hit it while mowing an overgown lot.

    A buddy of mine hit a sunken down low headstone while mowing at full speed. Sent him over the handle bars of his stander and then to the hospital for a few stiches.
  6. TheMadOne

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    Wouldn't say it was the largest thing I've ever hit, but was probably the the noisiest. I was mowing some 4 week growth in the back lots of a commercial I just contracted last week, hit a pile of 3/8" chain oh I'd say about 20' long after I picked up all of the pieces I could find. Sounded like a rapid fire jack hammer against a steel beam.... Mow, mow, mow, Ka-clang, bang, bang, bang. You get the ideal. A part of the chain wrapped once around one of the deck spindles underneath & was cut/broken off. In the end the chain was the only thing seriously damaged, spindle was OK, blades a little roughed up, nerves shot to hell for a couple of minutes, replaced the blades when I got back for the day. It did clean the deck out quite a bit though, nothing like a good chain blasting to clean out your mower deck!
  7. pwaltrip

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    Manhole cover that someone threw out in the middle of the field, 10" grass, never saw it coming!

    When I worked for the city, we had a seasonal emplyoee on my crew that got fed up with the job and took a 21" murray, (thats right, municipalaity using an $99 murray!!) raised it up and rolled it blades first into the side outlet of a fire hydrant!! It died right there, it ripped the engine block of the deck!!! yes, he was let go when we got back to the shop!
  8. Greenery

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    Wtf. LoL You ripped the porch post off and took it home? Haha I guess I shouldn't be surprised this is lawnsite after all.
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  9. chuacro

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    I bought some used chainlink fence from a person on Craigslist. Bartered half the price to mow his lawn one time. Yeah it was a rental junk yard. I figured the price to almost totally weed eat and then mow making sure not to tear my mower. Well, with all the rain lately I was trying to save time and used mower first. I ran down the side of the house and ran over the lighting rod that was sticking out atleast 18' from house under clove. Never had one sticking out that far and high. Thanks to the shear pin I did not destroy my walker gear deck.

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