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Biggest shock so far !!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greenngrow, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. greenngrow

    greenngrow LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 403

    I had a opportunity to bid on bank job for the complete lawn care for 5 banks.

    I made seperate bids then combined them all into one. I have attached the combined bid.

    You know what the kicker is the I was 8000.00 too high. on the combined bid.

    I have been doing the application to these locations for 6 years. I know the guys that got the bid on the landscaping. He dosen't even have spray equipment. He is going to sub it out.

    I have a feeling something funny going on. He told me that they only wanted 2 applications and I was instructed to do more. I know it sounds like I have the sour grape sendrome. But DAMN I can't see how they can make any money.

    My question to you guys, this bank is where I have both my personal account and business account. Plus I have about $40,000 in loans with this bank. Should I pull up stakes and move my business to the bank that I do lawn care for or do I stay put and see what happens. The contract bid was for three years so it will be a while before it opens up again.

    It is a whole lot longer story than what I given here. I am in a very small rural area and some of you guys know how that goes.

    The biggest thing is that the have new management and they wanted thier guys in there. I guesss. !!!!!!!

    :blob2: :blob2: :blob2: :blob2: :blob2: :cry:
  2. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,501

    I would stay put and see what happens...at least for a month or so. Who do you know at the bank that maybe you could ask some questions and see what's up?
  3. Tvov

    Tvov LawnSite Bronze Member
    from CT
    Messages: 1,157

    Exactly. I would stay with the bank if they have been good to you regarding transactions, and maybe you'll end up getting the work when this new guy screws up.
  4. geogunn

    geogunn LawnSite Gold Member
    from TN
    Messages: 3,010

    greengrow--was the $8000 overbid for the three years? or did you overbid $8000 per year in a three year contract? there is a big difference!

    if it was $8000/3years then you overbid $2667/yr.

    at 5 properties to service, then you overbid $533/yr/property.

    at a guestimated 30 servicings per year, you overbid only $17/servicing /property.

    this is just a simple way to show that the client may be real sorry they chose the other guy for $17 a week per property.

    $17 is less than the total cost (to you) of one man hour on the job.

    I don't see how you could cut it much closer than that!

  5. greenngrow

    greenngrow LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 403

    I w\ill hold out for a month or two. I apologize about the attachment. For some reason it would not go through.

    I have to put this in. I was pushing snow at two of the locations.
    I just was the guy that got the contract on the pushing. He just got started at 10:00am, My guy is almost done. We have been up since 4:00 am. I here at my regular JOB and he is finishing up.

    I had to LOL when I saw him.
  6. Lawn277

    Lawn277 LawnSite Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 74

    Hang out, He will bail out or get canned. The same thing happened to me on some condos, I was the highst bid by 40.00 per week. They called after 1 month and wanted me to take over, they didnt like they way he trimmed and his blower broke so the driveways and sidewalks where just left dirty.
    Ya get what you pay for..

  7. greenngrow

    greenngrow LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 403

    To answer gunn ?
    8000.00 per year. They were saving 24,000 over the three year period.
  8. geogunn

    geogunn LawnSite Gold Member
    from TN
    Messages: 3,010

    well! that makes a difference on the math!

    in my simple calculations that would be $51/week/property.

    I dunno about that number. I say stay put but remind their contracting officer that you are doing biz with them and "want to continue". good luck.

  9. bubble boy

    bubble boy LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,020

    don't sweat it, stick with the bank. switching everything would be a big pain. and i know it's the principle, but they won't notice you're gone if you leave. (unless you are in a really SMALL town!)

    as for the bid, as always be confident you gave your price to make your profit margin. someone was lower, nothing you could do...
  10. greenngrow

    greenngrow LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 403

    The town is really small. Population of this town is 4500.
    The total county is just over 17,000 .

    Here everyone knows everyone. And they want to know everybody's bizzz.

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