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    What or who is the biggest lawn maintenance company in the US. Is it franchised? Just curious *trucewhiteflag*
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    True Green @ $1.5B ..... Valley Crest @$755M .... Brink @ $500M .....on n on ..... US Lawns @$70M

    The Industry Report is available thru Lawn&Landscape Mag .... the last report I've seen was from Aug 2005

    Interesting enough ... some Companies don't participate in the report some in the $50M n below don't give info .... report is made with info .... avg gross is just under $800k .... 13 years in .... avg employee makes the comp $50k per year or $25 per hour (I assume this is after their payroll has been made ... or this is the "profit" per hour .... atleast I hope ) .... understand these numbers are averages ... spread out among lawn care ... .land & hardscape install .... fert n squirt .... so I'd say some or the vast numbers of smaller (if one can call em that) make the #'s seem "funky"
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    is that 1.5B just true green or all of the service master co's?
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    Any dollar spend with Tru-Green is the biggest waste of money a person could make.

    They don't care if one pellet of granualar is dropped or one drop of chemical is sprayed. All they care about is quanitity -- Sure as hell not Quality.

    That is 1.5 Billion of stealing.
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    I'd assume that it is all of TGCL .... parents & off spring compaines .... again the info is just presented ...Valley Crest owns other compaines in other states n I assume there # represents all their venues

    I hear ya on TGCL ... I'm kinda lucky ... cause in my area the local franchise owner is real good ... I sub work with him ...n the results are OK .... again just OK .... they have issues n I sub with other local sprays as-well ... I personally like a local family operation ....been in this area since 1956 ....but some PM's want TG cause they have national contracts with them

    The O-Town owner cuts turf as well n does a real "poor" job of maintaining the 7-11 contract in my county .... they are messy ... slacky ... but that's all they cut in my area local has told me he has no intention of getting into cutting turf or shrubs

    Ssoo it goes without saying some of the Big Inc's have just so much in the fire .... someones gonna get burned
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    Hey Steve I was born and raised in Fla. lived in Titusville for 22yrs now live just south of Atlanta. Nice web page.
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    I got some Toro mag. that said 1) US lawns 2) Davey tree 3) brickman

    which, brickman is really starting to lowball around here. Rumors are that they beat another companies $350,000 estimate by $70,000.
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    Do you mean just lawn maintenance, and does that mean mowing or do you mean turf applications, or full landscape management including irrigation, flower installations, landscape installations, etc.?

    Theres a huge difference between the three and it would change the players slightly.

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