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  1. XxGroundControlxX

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    I need some ideas for a bill I can send out to my customers once a month. I have no idea what a professional bill needs to look like. Also maybe some sort of invoice that I can leave at the customers house in case they are not home to prove that I had that what people do?
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  2. RonWin

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    Google billing templates. Open up Microsoft Word and after u click new, type bill into the search box for a template there. Add/remove what u want as far as information related to the price and work description. Add ur logo or just have your business name typed out. Gross total, tax and total. Mail ccheck to : ( your address or p.o. box). Ect ect. Do what works for u, doesn't matter ad long as it's to the point and the customer can understand it.
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  3. XxGroundControlxX

    XxGroundControlxX LawnSite Member
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    Okay thanks for that info
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  4. mhelpdesk

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    You probably already have software that has templates built in; most word processing software has it. Of course, shop admin or accounting programs like Mhelpdesk have them and can automatically generate them from your work orders, etc, but if you want to start out doing them by hand, it's not difficult. The key things every invoice must have are: your name (or the company name, whoevers name goes on the check), the customer's name, the amount, the services rendered, and the date. I was sending out invoices without dates and got a nasty shock when my client, a lawyer, pointed out that it wasn't binding without that. Some people also put in a footer about "due in 30 days: beyond that, interest will be charged at X rate" but it's just not worth it to piss off your customers like that.
  5. crichardson

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    Quickbooks online is like $11 a month. I keep up with my cuts on a planner or calendar then at end of month put them on quickbooks and email them to clients and even text clients to remind them it's there. Been working well. Some clients just ask me the bill when I text them then say ok check will be here tomorrow.
  6. XxGroundControlxX

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    Windows 8 sucks doesn't have any word processing program. I keep my own book for scheduling people so I can write it down quick. But I think I want start sending out bills so its easier for my customers and me.
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  7. Nate'sLawnCare

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    I use Invoice2Go. I can run it on my Android devices or access on the web from any PC. The nice thing about it is you can store all your client and service info which makes it easier to build the invoices.
  8. XxGroundControlxX

    XxGroundControlxX LawnSite Member
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    Oh cool thanks
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  9. Pietro

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    Download the groundskeeper pro trial. I've used it for years and have nothing bad to say about it. I think the trial lets you add 12 clients.

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