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Better to bill for each service or use a March - November (or similar) fixed monthly charge that covers the maintenance services the customer wants?

One time services such as mulch could be billed seperatly or included....

Two commercial properties pay me 12 months a year, all we do in winter is a weekly trash pickup on lawn and parking lot, and snow removal on walkways.

Advantages to me are:

I mow as needed to keep things looking good. No OK necessary if more than the weekly mow is required.

Bed maintenance and other tasks can be done when I have free time, and is a great fill in for when I get done with the days work a few hours early.

Steady money coming in........

What do you folks think of this type of set up?

Ben Bowen

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We only do year round billing- clients pay the same amount each month for the basic services we provide. I do not include mulch, and only rarely pruning. If I do those in spring it is months before I have actually been paid for them.
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Utah Lawn Care

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I charge for each service. One month their bill might be 120 for just mowing, the next 350 for mowing, dandelion spraying, fertilization, weed spraying etc. I don't know if that's the best thing to do, but it makes the most sense for me not having contracts. I have also included my different services with check boxes and prices on my invoice each month for the different services. If they want their dandelions sprayed they check the box. If it's aeration season we have a box and price. Spraying their weeds, fertilization etc.

I am curious what everyone else does. Let us know!


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I send out invoices every two weeks, I have a pretty good workflow for it and it helps keep the customers mindful of services when they pay every two weeks vs. 1/mo.

We also have pretty volatile weather (snow in june, etc) so its easier to keep charge of what we have actually done and bill accordingly on two week cycles

just my thoughts :)