Billboards stuck on Stop signs and other places

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bradfordmick, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. bradfordmick

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    I was just wondering who had some views on the billboards that some companies pin up on stop signs and other street locations. There has been a few going up in the neighborhoods where I work and seen some competitors taking them down. It’s not the way I would advertise as the HOA's wouldn’t like it and the competitors. Seems to be anything from lawn care signs to computer repair guys.
    Any thoughts??
  2. Brianslawn

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    around here its illegal and city takes them down and fines you.

    not to mention it makes you look poor and desperate and other words.... it makes you look like a typical lawn boy.
  3. Runner

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    Around here, it is the telephone poles that get tartgeted and hung upon. "We buy houses" and "Work from home" are the main ones. Of course, we get the roofing, windows and siding, painting, and all kinds of other stuff, too. It is our policy, that any of our commercial accounts where these get hung, they are immediately removed. The only ones we keep up is for lost or found pets (NOT for sale pets). Technically, in Michigan, it is illegal to hang any type of sign like this.
  4. Mrs. H

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    Here we are not even allowed to put a "yard sale" sign on the city right away, let alone any poles or other signs. There are a lot of fliers stuck to pop vending machines, though.

    I would think it would be illegal anywhere to stick ads on a stop sign. That seems dangerous...causing accidents and such.
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  6. sweetz

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    Ya, it is illegal & it does look tacky, but people do it all the time - not me! :)

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