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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by chris brauch, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. chris brauch

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    Hey Guys I'm running an aeration special this fall and will be doing a lot of aeration for new customers. With mowing, I make customers sign contracts and bill them monthly, since it is a reoccurring service. With this aeration special, it's a one stop shop deal and will not be making much contact with customers after the fact. What's the best way to bill? I am scared If I leave a bill on their door they won't receive it, or make excuses about them not getting it, I want to save money on stamps by sending it plus I'm scared if I aerate their lawn they may saw screw it and not pay. Should I make them send a check first or make them pay us as soon as were
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  2. jsslawncare

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    Get paid when the work is completed.
  3. rufflife00

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    Tape a bill to the inside of their door. You could arrange for them to be home but that's a pain if you have to coordinate with a bunch of people. Sometimes you just have to take a chance. "No risk! No reward", you will be able to tell who's shady and steer clear just from conversation.
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  4. ReddensLawnCare

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    Tell them to leave a check in a designated area. When you arrive check to see that it is there, do the work, get the check and leave
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  5. Utah Lawn Care

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    I personally do the service then mail them a bill. If they come out with a check while I am there then great, if not then I put it in the mail. I know it sucks losing 1-2% of the profits just from getting the bill to them, but for me it makes more sense then trying to track people down, waiting for them to explain to me where the money*will be hid, waiting for them to find money etc. In the spring everyone I aerated for paid.
  6. weeble67

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    Carry duplicate aeration contracts. They sign and receive a copy. The price is written on the contract. Mine has a disclaimer that I'm not responsible for any sprinkler heads not marked or utilities not installed to code. Otherwise you are open to lawsuit and unable to prove they agreed to have you aerate their property if they fail to pay. Then I tell them they can mail a check but that I will bill them when the job is completed or then end of the month which ever is on my contract.
  7. mikesturf

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    I put the invoice with a return envelope in a 8" x 11" lawn door hanger bag and put it between the screen door and front door. Never had a payment issue in 8 years.
  8. doobs41378

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    This is how it is done at my house as well. They leave it when they are done with envelope and bill.

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    Just bill them at end of month and add them to your mailing list for future services.
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  10. Watercourse1

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    I bought a clausen aerator that came off lease last fall from home depot and started calling my customers the weekend before I was going to shut down and Winterized their irrigation system and asked if they wanted a fall special aeration, winter fertilizer, and system winterized. I verified account terms and asked if they wanted to pay for this separate or invoiced all at once. That way I could drop the invoices off with the customer when I was done and if they weren't home they got dropped in the mail on my way home with a door hanger left that we were there. Aerator, stainless spyker spreader all paid for- good luck! Just get contact info and permission from property owner and be clear on price and you should have no problems

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