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Billing for commercial accounts


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hello.my question is on your commercial accounts do you guys cut all month then bill the customer?Do you bill mid-month to receive by in of month?My reason for asking is a lot of my commercial accounts i bill at the end of the month & i still have not got paid for October invoices.Please give me some advise on my problem.Thanks in advance



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In my experience, 30-45 days is pretty normal. The paper work / bill has to be kicked up to who ever pays that service account. I have a restaurant and the check comes from Texas, I have a couple of grocery stores and the check comes from Illinois.


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Some of my Residentials still havent paid for October. Everybody seems to forgrt this time of year.


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Orlando, Fl
We bill on the 15th of each month with the bill due by the 25th and we receive 90% within that time frame. The rest pay in 30 days. We do include the payment schedule in our contract and make sure the property manager or accounting manager understands our requirements. Some accounts require a reminder phone call early in the contract period. Should someone not pay by the 30 day make we stop service. This usually doesn't happen. Good Luck

tm ent.

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South Alabama
At the restaraunts I do I get an invoice signed weekly. They turn them in every week but the main office only pays at the end of the month


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Churchville, PA
I send bills out on the 1st business day of the month. Payable by the last day of the month, if bills are not paid by the last day there is a penalty. As long as customers know what the billing requirements are you should not have a problem


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Waynesboro, PA
Our contracts are based on a total seasonal amount for all services. That seasonal value is then split into 10 equal monthly payments. We submit a payment schedule with the contract, and then invoice each month on the 15th, due by the 30th. Most are paid on time, but few take a couple more days, but not a problem with me so long as we get paid.
I am happy to say that after 2 years I have only written off a loss of $1.49, and that was for someone who paid before invoice and omitted the tax.