Billing Invoice Examples?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JaysLawns, Dec 10, 2007.

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    I've been using Quick book Pro since 98 and it does everything you need to do from a business standpoint. It has templates for estimates, billing invoices, finance charges, refunds and just about anything else you would need and best of all you can customize all the templates with your logo and set them up the way you do business. If your diligent about entering information into Quickbooks it will track everything for you business and print out the best reports of any software out there.
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    I like color in mine here is something a little different I made

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    i use bookkeeper 2008 softwear $50 @ office has a nice invoice or estimate what ever you choose.but i also have my logo that i print with a water mark and then print my invoice over it "looks Awesome"
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    Here is a sample invoice. My customers can view this online, and pay online in the customer center if they wish. I set this sample customer up so any of you guys can view the online customer center if you want. I will leave it open for a few days for you guys.

    Username : plowsite
    Password: plowsite

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    Hey guys thanks for all the samples. Is there a store where you can get a custom stamp of your logo? Thanks.

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    i got all my swag from the guy at Image Works who helped me design an trademark my logo. i got digital prints on my inclosed trailer,hats,polo shirts 4me and the wife and double sided digital print buisness cards and a digital logo to put on my letterhead & invoices and so on.but no custom stamp. i think you should look into this .i think it would look more profrssional if you printed it insted of stamping it... But i did get free buisness checks & stamp with my buisness account from the bank but the stamp is just to deposit checks for the biz

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