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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KJ26, Jan 24, 2001.

  1. KJ26

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    I'm having some concerns about billing lawn cuts and was wondering how you guys bill for lawn cutting. Our season is from mid april to about 1st week in nov. so that equals 30 cuts. Should i bill per month,try to get more by quarterly billing or just lay down a whole years price and try to get the money up front ?? i feel monthly is probably alot better for most customers who don't have it to fork it out all at once.
  2. mdb landscaping

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    im new to the business and am learning a lot, but i bill most of my customers every 5-7 cuttings. if i do other work, i send a seperate bill as soon as possible. most of my customers said they dont like receiving the two bill a year deal. they rather have smaller amount bills to pay.
  3. David Hickerson

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    I have been billing monthly with a prepay quarterly discount. This is the best my teritory can do. If your clients will prepay all go for it. I also have it set up so that customers can pay with there credit card at the of the month. All I do is send them a paid invoice with all workdone.
  4. Bob's Lawn Care

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    Where in New York?? I bill once a month. I get paid per cut, so on the last day of the month I make an invioce for everyone and send it out on the 1st of the next month. I hope this helps.
  5. gusbuster

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    Most people I know bill at the end of the month. Less paper work,one check to process. Drawbacks, have to wait for your money unless you have a good collection process in place.
  6. I bill my customers monthly for services performed the month before. All other services are billed when they are completed.
  7. 1st impressions

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    For the first fertilization or any other spring work, I bill
    when the work is completed. Once the mowing season begins, I bill after the first 3 cuts and then again after the next 3 cuts. This is to help out with cash flow. I let the clients know up front so I don't have a problem.
    After the 6th week, I bill out every 4 weeks , including all work performed during that period on the bill.
  8. KindGardener

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    I use Quickbooks - send out their bill the day after their final service each month (starting about this time of month).

    JC makes a good point about collections - I still have a few who haven't paid for December.
  9. Esby

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    I send them out at the end of each month also. Its keeps it organized that way.
  10. pcs

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    I was billing monthly this year. What I didn't realize until later in the season was that sometimes they were being cut 5 times in a month. This year I may bill every 4 cuts. The only draw back I can see from doing this is in mid summer if the grass dosen't have to be cut every week you wouldn't be able to bill as much.

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