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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dustmow, May 28, 2003.

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    I recently hired a lady to do my billing. i gave her the groundskeeper pro program with my customer list in it. she has been doing all of my billing but i find myself going to her at the end of the month and sitting down telling her who i mowed for when and how much. so i still spend at least an hour every month with her giving her this information does anyone know of an easier and more economical way of dealing with this problem. Thanks for your input.
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    Try keeping a log book, with the date, time, and amount. Then you could just drop this off, any questions she could call you. Also, you have some record keeping of your own.

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    You did not indicate whether she was working on-site or off. Either way if you work with a schedule, you shuld indicate on that whether you serviced that account and what services were provided.
    I do the books for our business and my husband does the sales and working end. We sometimes collaborate on larger properties.
    We have devised over the years our own very simple schedule for each day, this format is eaasily revised when needed, and he keeps all info including maintenace needed, usage of each machine, etc. Anyway I digress, your lady could with a key to start complete any and all billing from your schedule on a weekly basis. You did not indicate either if you have set dates during the month when you do your billing, I actually have four and bill accounts 3 weeks out with payments due in seven days from due dates. This answer is a bit wordy but all in all if you use a schedule write down what is done on each account, come up with an abbreviated listiing for the services and then you will have swritten proof for the work, supplies time on equipment etc.
    if you would like any other help concerning office organization I would be more than happy to help.

    Hope this helped in some form.

  4. The Green Way

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    Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt the whole point of buying the software so you can schedule all your jobs in and let the computer make your invoices at the end of the month? if you arent using the schedule feature then you arent taking advantage of what you bought.
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    I agree!!!
    Use the groundskeeper pro to schedule the jobs, at end of day, enter jobs completed. At end of billing period, make a report and print it out, give her the report of completed jobs. She will do the invoicing from the report.
  6. The Green Way

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    That still seems like more trouble than its worth! I dont know how the other programs do it but when i use my gopher all i have to do at the end of the month is click a generate button and it takes all my completed jobs and prints them out for me. The only thing i would hire anyone to do at the moment is maybe to fold them LOL.

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