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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DanaMac, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I have a few questions on an idea I'm helping my dad with. I posted this in the irrigation section where I hang out and on Plowsite, but would like a few more ideas.

    Dad has a few buddies that plow snow. And one guy also does irrigation. But like a lot of guys in our industry, they either get behind on billing, don't have the time, aren't too computer savvy, or just don't like doing it. So at least two want to have my dad do the invoicing and receivables. The plow guys have hand written sheets of dates and times and number of times plowed, etc. We have installed QuickBooks on his computer and I've given him the basics.

    My questions are (1) does anybody here outsource this kind of work? (2) anybody have an idea what to charge? What do or would you pay for this service? (3) and if there are any other suggestions on this let me know.

    Most of these contractors are the the kind of guys that want to get the work and do the work. Not run the business. They often leave money on the table because they forget to bill out some storms, forget to track everything, don't know who has paid or who hasn't. Dad is needing extra money due to recent changes in his life, and to keep busy. Very computer literate. We've even talked about him being my office/schedule person. Just have to figure how with him being 2000 miles away.

    Thanks guys

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    Years ago I worked for a small heating/AC company, they shared a big office with maybe 4-5 other small businesses, and the owner's wife handled a lot of that stuff for the other companies. 2 of them were LCO's.

    I have no idea what she charged, but you have to figure, how much $$ do those guys lose by forgetting to bill customers???
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    Just a suggestion, a CPA will get $75-100/ hr. around here. A bookkeeper $50.
    Thats in my neck of the woods, but I would say he should charge what any good bookkeeper charges. I would wonder if there is any liability in it. Say, for instance some paperwork gets lost, or discrepencies in billing. Maybe your dad should contact his insurance co. just to cover his behind.
    Sounds like a pretty good niche to get into, especially if he already knows the business. The problem I had working with a book keeper, she didn't understand why I was doing some of the things I did (example: keeping track of each plow/ how many #'s of salt/ mileage on the trucks at each stop, etc... she just didn't know the business)
    good luck,

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