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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SDNCLAWNCARE, Jul 12, 2006.


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    I was planning on sending out weekly invoices to all my customers for their business. I don't want to use contract, but just have a 30day clause. So if I cut someones grass and leave them a invoice, how do I prove I cut their grass? This may seem like a stupid question. How do you track this stuff?
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    If you're sending out weekly invoices, drop the invoice off when you mow and that is your proof.

    If you invoice monthly, your customers will have to trust you. If you don't think that is an option, get some 2 part carbonless forms stating the date you mowed. Leave one with them and keep the other for your records. Just make sure your invoices match the slips you leave behind. Or just leave a business card behind showing that you have been there.

    I have several customer I mow and invoice monthly. Luckily they take me at my word. I have yet to have a dispute.
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    I have sent out monthly invoices for many years (about 45 per month). Each invoice has a separate entry for the work done, and that entry includes the "work date."

    Nobody has ever questioned the entries on their invoice. Unless, something else is happening to create a distrust, I doubt you should have any concern over the question.

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    Thanks for the info.. I will use the carbonless invoices so I can match up mine and theirs at the end of the month to close out. I will just drop it off once I'm done cutting their grass. I can't wait to get started.


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