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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by colbyjh, Nov 14, 2012.

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    I am a college student and work on weekends. I don't have a lot of clients. I cut about 10 places a week. I have been, well attempting to, keep track of my invoices and what I have already been paid for with excel and a series of subfolders on my computer. On excel I have the invoice number, date, $ and address. Then I have a folder for each place that I save the actual invoices to that I create from a template I made.

    Recently I'm not sure that I have been paid for all the work I have done. I am looking for something more automated that will keep track of everything for me, and possibly write up the invoices for me. I don't have enough business for it to be worth it to spend $100 a month on the software.

    I would love something that also has an app for android. To be able to have the invoice emailed on the way to the next place. Also having a simple way to mark them as paid. The ideal app for me would be:
    • Have a list of clients and under each client have 2 tabs. one for all the properties I maintain for them. The other for their balance with invoices and payments listed
    • be able to click on the property and say create new invoice with an automatically generate invoice number
    • Have it import all of the information from the last time I cut the yard, but allow me to edit it. After creating the invoice allow me to send the invoice via email to the client. BUT give me the option to "batch" send them. Meaning I maintain several properties for one person. Instead of sending 1 email for 1 invoice. Let me send 1 email with all the invoices as attachments
    • under a seperate section let me see a window with All Invoices or Unpaid
    • From this window, let me click the invoice and either mark as paid, or mark as made payment

    I have tried a few programs, but none of them seem to fit. zoho invoice seemed really neat, but was tailored more towards selling of merchandise.

    If there is something you think will do what I want please let me know. If it does everything I want, I wouldn't mind paying a little more for it. Otherwise I'd prefer something that doesn't eat up all my profit XD

    Thanks again,

  2. shane-pa

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    quickbooks. i paid $200. one time fee until you decide to upgrade. there is no monthly fee unless you get into payroll and credit cards.

    i used excel when i started. i hit invoice #25 and made the switch.

    ask the college if they have a course you can take to learn the ins and outs.
  3. Shawn S

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    QuickBooks. My version is 4 years old. I do hundreds of invoices every month and write a lot of checks every month. It's $180 right now at Staples, so I am sure you can find it cheaper elsewhere.
    It is super simple to use. A great financial tool. If you are using Excel now it's like going from a straw to a backpack blower.
  4. Ben Bowen

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    from PNW
    Messages: 1,182 works very well for me. It will do everything you are looking for. They have a promo code for a free month right now. Google it and I am sure you will find it.

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