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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jeremy067390, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. jeremy067390

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    this may be a repeat but i cant find the old one. hi i was wondering who makes easy and good billing software. im using quickbooks to bill now but i feel funny because im only half using the program. i use regular paper book keeping because i find it easier for my 2 man operation. the quickbooks biling causes me to have to type in all the prices and so on, and dates. too much time i could be playing outside.

    any suggestions? id be interested in a full book keeping program too if its easy to use
  2. Frontier-Lawn

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    grounds keeper pro is good for your basic needs.
  3. RogerA

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    I use Quick books Pro and it it very easy to use once you know how to use it. You need to set each customer up as an item with the price you charge. Then it is just a few clicks to enter all of the information. You do not have to type in all of the information each time when you set up different items and prices for what you offer. I would suggest that you get some instruction on how to use your Quick books better. All of my income and expenses go into this one program and at tax time, I just print my P & L sheet to give my accountant. Quick books is the only program that I use for all of my business operation.
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    We are using Gopher, who happens to be a sponsor on this site, & are pleased with it. We previously used QB for billing & kept track of information in a spreadsheet, which I personally am not good with. Now that Gopher is set up, it takes minutes to enter daily production & I am done with monthly billing for approx. 130 customers within an hour or two. Gopher has been very helpful in the learning process & always respond quickly to my questions. I have used the system for almost one year & continue to learn as I work with it more. We use Gopher for both mowing & snow removal accounts.

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