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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kevinw818, May 2, 2013.

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    I'm fortunate in that this is my 16th year and I've been stiffed only once, and that was several years ago and for one mowing. It makes a difference that the bulk of what I do now are in one of several neighborhoods nearby.

    Also, I just checked the mail today. I sent invoices out in Tuesday's mail. Slightly over half arrived in today's mailbox. I'm certainly not saying let people continuously take advantage of you, but it does pay to be friendly and flexible.

    On a side note, three customers took the time to write thoughtful notes to me thanking me and telling me they're glad I'm back this year. As my wife likes to say..."that just gives me the warm fuzzies all over".
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    Don't jinx yourself buddy
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    I just noticed there are no PMs here. Your website is wonderful. I like the schedule layout especially. Ease of use and pictures bring it a touch of class.
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    Last year I would leave an invoice on their front door with no due date which turned out to be a nightmare! I felt like I was always chasing my money and some people would wait 1-2 months to pay. This year I switched to quickbooks and send out invoices on the 1st and due by the 10th for the previous month. Also customers have the option to pay online which is nice because it eliminates trips to the bank. Most are customers pay within the first couple of days after I invoice but as always there's always 1 or 2 that pay on the 10th right before midnight....whatever works....
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    I am just getting into this. Do you think that most people bill monthly or get paid each week/job?
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    I'm assuming most people bill monthly...It's just the efficient way to do business IMO. I'm like most, I send them out by email or mail on the 1st for previous month's work and give them 10 days to get it in. I call or email customers on the 15th if I don't get a payment to give them a friendly reminder. Sometimes people just forget.
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    I definetly need to find a more professional way to have my billing terms, because now as far as mowing i have everything due upon reciept, i cut the lawn, i leave a bill. Most pay within a few days, some still take a few weeks. I don't usually cut if they haven't paid the last bill unless its somebody i feel like i trust. It seems fair to me because i don't do contracts. If they have a problem with it they can go find somebody else. I've been burned a few times this year.. as far as lawn app customers, i leave a bill when i do the work, due upon receipt but most of those customers take 3 or 4 weeks to pay, i re-send a bill if they go over 30 days, and call 2 weeks after that if i don't get nothing, i won't do the next service until they pay for previous service. i may have some trust issues.. lol.

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