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billing while yer heres


LawnSite Platinum Member
I feel like putting a section for this on my bills.

While you are here can you
move the table
cut that 1 branch
throw this in your truck
carry this box in the basement

the list goes on

Turf Medic

LawnSite Bronze Member
Lincoln NE
We don't do them

Sorry, should would like to help you out mr/mrs customer but our insurance coverage prevents us from performing that type of service. And you surely wouldn't want us to jepordize our coverage would you? And for those that persist that the insurance company wouldn't find out..... probably not but I did make an agreement with them and I stick to my agreements, like I am sure you would expect.

End of problem

Unless of course it is lawn maintenance related.


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yup, I help out to a certain point, but then I pull the old insurance trump card when it gets out of hand


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Dayton, Oh
I wish I would have thought of that insurance card a long time ago! Thanks guys! That line should save me about $5000.00 in lost revenues this year.