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  1. ingram33

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    what billing softwere is the best? i have been doing it with exel. but i am having trouble keeping up with late payers
  2. topsites

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    I'm not sure if software's going to help, not everyone's a late payer, I dare say most folks aren't.

    I just try and pay attention, I say once a late payer always a late payer but...
    There are times a good payer can fall behind as well...
    It happens but with the habitual late guys, I just remember who they are and then stay on top of those accounts.

    One thing that helps, I always pay special attention with a new account, see how they pay the first few times.
    Doesn't always work as some will play you, but as a rule if it starts out good I can start to relax.

    Just how I do it.

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