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    i was just wondering the best way to get payment from my customers, i have worked for one of my buddies for a couple of years now and it seems like all he does is complain about people not paying him on time. i was just wanted to get some opinions from you guys to see how i can avoid this problem with my bussiness.
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    One option is billing in advance.

    Here is a post that looks into this topic more.

    Customer Payments
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    The best way to get payed on time is; Payment at time of service. You can't go wrong with that method.
  4. 2 man crew

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    Send a clean, professional invoice with a DUE DATE. That should elevate most of the problem. Gopher would be a great program that includes invoicing.
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    lawnmowermannh...... I am doing the same thing you are doing and it wastes soooooo much time talkin to customers. I HATE IT!

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