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    I have been doing lawncare since i was 13. Made a flier and handed it to all of the neighbors. As I got older I took on a few more jobs but nothing too serious. Last year year I was a junior in highschool and wanted to step it up a notch. I had about 5 mowing accounts and I was doiong alot of landscaping jobs. This year I am a senior and about to graduate highschool and I need to put myself through college. I have made a deal with a guy who used to do landscaping and he has a whole lot of tools I have acces to. backpack blowers, power blower, dethatcher etc. I have all my own mowers and trimmers. I am in the process of purchasing an old dump truck.
    I dont consider myself a newb because i have been doing this stuff for 5 years, and i worked with a landscaper for two years. I have general idea on how to qoute jobs, and I am excellent with people. I get most of my business through customer referalls. For this year I am looking at a full time job in lawn care and landscaping with many yard accounts and landscaping jobs booked well into the future.
    Is there any good advice someone can give a 18 year old kid trying to bust his but to bring home some bacon.
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    just be careful on who you make deals with to use there stuff. other then that learn all you can. And Good luck

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    Best advice for ya is to read up as much on here as possible. Good luck to you and welcome to the site.

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