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  1. HI i would like to introduce myself. My name is Billy and i live in Scotland.My family and I would love to come and live in your great country.We have been looking to buy a lawncare business with good accounts and established contracts.The best way for me to get into the U.S.A. is to buy an established business.The areas Iam looking at are South Carolina - Nortyh Carolina and Atlanta.I have 18years greenkeeping experience.Here in Scotland our summer only lasts for about 4 months and it is not good for working in as it rains almost every second day (grass is always green and grows very quickly )Iwould love to work in your hot climate.I any of you guys here of any business for sale let me know up to $100.000. If anyone would like to say hi just drop me a e mail Best regards BILLYBOB.
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    Welcome to the site Billy.

    I found a site one day that sells franchises and if you have 100K then check in to this.

    There's a couple of people around here driving around in US Lawn trucks. They are a subsidiary of ValleyCrest Companies, Inc.

    If not this then you can probably find an online site for N and S Carolina that has business opportunities and now is a great time to buy a lawn care company.
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    For 100,000 USD you can own my business in East Tennessee.

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  5. Hi To All Who Took The Time To Come In And Leave Me A Message. As I Said I Am A Qualified Scottish Greenkeeper Who Aside From Dealing With Grass Problems Can Build Decking - I Am Not Looking For A Franchise As I Would Prefer To Buy A Business Outright But Am Specifically Looking At The Carolinas Or Altanta As I Have Family There And Want To Make That My Starting Point On Reaching The States. If Any Of You Know Of Anything You Think Could Be Suitable, I Would Love To Hear From You. My Investment Could Be Up To $100,000 For The Right Business. All Replies Greatly Appreciated.
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    Billybob, where in Scotland are you? I used to travel the UK quite frequently for work and play.

  7. Hi Tony,
    We Live In Greenock Just 20 Miles From Glasgow. Beautiful Scenery But Rubbish Weather.

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