Billy Goat 33" mower. Rookie mistake!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by h8weakness, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. h8weakness

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    Ok.. well, I bought a Billy Goat 33" "Commercial" Mower. I Think I am stuck with it. I bought the floor model to save some cash and think I may have been Screwed. The mower doesn't leave a nice cut and the bag only fills up to about 50 to 70% of what it's capable of. Is there a way to get a better fill into my bag? I clean it once a week! My lawns are not typically wet. I am leaving grass every where. Do I need the bag? Can I make the shop give my money back? What should I do?
    Thanks for your time guys!!!
    Ross Signorino
  2. GroundEffects125

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    I really dont know anything about Billy goats and the situation ur in i would diffently go back to the shop and tell the guy everything that u have typed up good luck
  3. freddyc

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    see if theres a mulch kit for it....that should take care of most of your problem---never bag if you dont really have to---its a lot of effort/time and of course disposal. Bags are always a pain in the butt.

    If no mulch kit, your dealer should at least address the bad cut. No modern mower should leave a really bad cut.

    What type of blade do you have, what kind of grass are you cutting and at what height??
  4. fiveoboy01

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    There may be a chance you can return it, if you are not satisfied with the machine. Talk to your dealer and see what they say.
  5. MeadowsLawnCare

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    If it leaves a bad cut with a bagger, its probably going to leave a worse cut with a mulcher... If there a good dealer they will take it back, or you can probably work something out tradiing it in for most of your money back on a different mower. Maybe try changing the blades to a different style or brand. It might just be bad bag design for the reason it only fills so full. I used to mow my grandpas lawn when i was a kid with his bagger and it would only fill about 80% full and even less if the grass was thick and wet.
  6. DuraCutter

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    With Billy Goat it's sad but they don't know how to design machines. Had the same problem with one of their vacuum machines.

    Try to exchange it, or sell it in your local paper quickly before fall sets in.

    Learn from your mistake and stay away from that brand, it's too risky with money so hard to make and so easily spent. :cry:

  7. cgaengineer

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    Looks like mulching blades are available from Billy Goats website...looks like a decent mower...maybe call manufacturer.
  8. h8weakness

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    OK.. the shop won't take it back. They do have mulching blades for it but I heard that they are no good. It only has about 30 hours on it. It works well if you are throwing the grass, But I bag my lawns! Thanks for your replys. I will be selling it in the South Bend Tribune for $900. I hope it will sell. Thanks again!
  9. lawnboy dan

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    if you are still bagging-you are indeed still a rookie.
  10. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Hope your charging extra for the bagging :waving:

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