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Billy goat, better outdoor products


LawnSite Senior Member
Originally posted by Kingbman1
Ive checked with one dealer so far and he carried the billy goat for $1599. I think thats fair, i probably could talk him down $100
Which is it $700, $800 or $1500. Just remember you get what you pay for.


LawnSite Member
Originally posted by jsr2741
Which is it $700, $800 or $1500. Just remember you get what you pay for.

I havent been able to find a used one that works for $700-$800 dollars. I came across the billy goat and thouhgt well if im going to spend 1000-1500 on a used one, maybe its worth buying a new billy goat.


LawnSite Member
the billy goat up her ein Canada is going for $1,000 less then a Toro or Exmark. I think I can rightfully justify trying one unit out. It does look like a basic model but it definitely has the look and feel of a commerical model exmark or toro model mower. I'm going to try it out this spring and give it a go. Anybody actually used one. Give me your reviews!

Thanks, Dan