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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. joed

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    I have used the search and found lots of great reviews on the Little Wonder Blowers. What about the new Billy Goat blowers with the hand controlled output spout? Are they any good? Would the smaller 5 and 6.5 hp models be sufficient for residential areas or would the larger 8 hp models be o.k? Also, is a ground blower really needed or is a backpack sufficient? I currently have an Echo PB650. Thanks.
  2. Parden me for asking, but why a Wb blower when you are wearing one?
  3. 021462

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    I just bought the Billy Goat blower with the hand controlled output spout. I liked it over the little wonder. The Billy Goat I bought is 10hp. I only use it for parking lots though. If you are only doing driveways I don't see the need but, if you have large concrete areas such as commercial parking lots I can assure you it beats the hell out of "wearing one" as LAWNGODFATHER asked!

    I expect it will also work great for leaves this fall for those of us who cannot afford $3000.00 for a bagging system!
  4. Doc Pete

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    You ask an unanswerable question, since it all depends on the amount of leaves you're pushing. Your backpack is fine for small amounts of leaves. It is better than a 5 horse WB. However, on the other hand, if you are moving a lot of leaves, even the 10 HP Billy goat, which I own will not totally do the right job.
    If you are moving a large amount of leaves, you need the 14 hp Fradan, which I also own, or the 16 HP Billly goat.
    But, if you use a leave plow, with the Billy goat 10HP, you will be fine. Actually, it depends on how much you want to charge per hour. I charge $60/75 per hour, depending on if I use both the 14 fradan and the 10 Billy goat, to feed the Fradan.
  5. Runner

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    The Billy Goat blowers work just fine. However, the hand controlled spout is not that big of a deal, since you will find that in using the blower, you really don't adjust the spout that often anyways. As far as horsepower goes, you have to go with atleast the 8 horse to make any significant headway. Those little ones, with the 5 hp motors just don't do much. I made the mistake of buying one some years back, and realized I was just as far ahead just using my backpack. If you're looking though, I would suggest the Litttle Wonder. This unit will blow circles around the Billygoat. When I bought mine, (I already had a full sized Billygoat then, also) We took two of them out into the lot. We took a Billygoat, with an 8 hp Briggs I/C engine out, and we took a Little Wonder with the same engine. We set up pop bottles and pieces of wood out in the lot. While the Billygoat wouldn't even touch the pop bottles at certain distances, we would bring the Little Wonder by, and it would blow them over and away. When we DID get the Billygoat to blow them over at a given distance, the Little wonder could come by and blow these bottles and pieces of wood WAY out of reach of the Billygoat. Try each out, and I'm sure you'll find pound for pound, penny for penny, the Little Wonder is not only the most comfortable, but you best bang for the buck. ;)
  6. Boycea

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    i just bought a 10hp little wonder today over the billy goat and love it. I tested both out and chose the little wonder over the billy goat due to the output of cfms over the billy goat. The way little wonder has the offset fan is defenitely a plus and defenitely puts out more air flow. you can also get the swivel wheel kit for it whcih seems like it makes it easier to maneuver, though i have not tried it. I was also told that the adjustable chute on the billy goat is just trouble. I was told it snaps off easily on the trailer because of it being plastic.
  7. joed

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    Thanks to Runner, Boycea and everyone else who gave me advice. It sounds like most of you prefer the Little Wonder, especially Runner. In terms of the 8 HP units, is the Briggs engine alright or would the Honda be better?
  8. LWNMWR1

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    i bought a billy goat 2 years ago and it is the best thing going. having the ability to control the air flow is key to making fast work of any situation!! i have 10hp model and it works well almost anywhere. i also bought a pb650 back pack this year and i anticipate that it will fill in the gaps.
  9. Doc Pete

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    For me, power is only part of the game. With the directional chute, you can blow the air down into the ground like a backpack, work the top of a pile so you don't punch a hole through the middle and have leaves everywhere, instantly stop blowing at ground level when a car/person goes by, and blow out shrubs at 5 feet high.
    FWIW, I'm running my B&S at 3,800, which is the same or faster speed the 11 horse Honda spins the billgoat. I've got two years at this speed, with clean oil, every time I change it.
  10. The Briggs Intec's have come a long way in from the tained commercial B&S history.

    A honda should outlast it anyways.

    Spend the extra tax deductable money and get the honda. It should last for many many years.

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