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    I wasn't sure where to post this question so if I offended any one by posting it here -My apology.
    I picked up a BILLY GOAT FINISH MOWER from a guy across the street from one of my accts. That thing has maybe 20 HR on it-his son bought it to cut his and his father’s lawn but he changed his job and now works long hours and doesn't wan to do it anymore (or something) he wanted 650 for it. I offered him 450 (all I had) he said 450 + do my lawn and give me 3 free cuts. So I got it and I got new acct.
    Ok sorry, back to my point.
    Has any one used the grass catcher on the Billy Goat- how are their catchers? any other bagger recommendations? Here in NJ everyone wants bagging and I have 32” Husky WB with aluminum bagger but I think I won’t fit.
    Any of you use 33” Billy Goat- what are you using as bagger.
    How about their Mulching Kit –Is it worth adding
  2. lifetree

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    I use to have an FM3300, however, I didn't have any of the attachments ... however, it sounds like you got a good deal for the mower at just $ 450.
  3. metro36

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  4. lifetree

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    I disagree -- a 13 HP engine on a machine that only weighs 270 pounds is more than enough power ... also, it does fine in thinck grass ... wet grass likely will be an issue as clumping could be a consideration with this mower !!
  5. wildbilly1113

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    But does it much Good? Only if you are mulching every 3 days:)
  6. h8weakness

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    what did you do with your billy goat bagging problem? Let me know. mine doesn't bag well at all! thanks.

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