Billy Goat for leaf removal

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by geminibuddy, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. geminibuddy

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    Working at a condo with a covered parking area with a wall down the "long side" that collects leaves against base of wall and under cars. Also has open parking area. Tons of leaves on property- including pin oaks. ugh. Anyway, I cannot simply "blow them to the street" and am being asked to bag leaves and remove. The prior company received lots of complaints from dust on cars, etc. so I am being very conscious for these clients. However, after having done this twice at 6 hours each time with blowing, brooming, and bagging, I am considering buying the Billy Goat leaf vacuum. Recommendation/opinions?
  2. Chevy z71

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    i think the little wonder hpv would work better then the billy goat one.
  3. ringahding

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    Good luck getting no "DUST" on anything...just blow off the cars and reassure the client this is part of the clean up "PROCESS" sell....sell....sell..
    BILLY GOAT OR LIL WONDER...don't matter both will get the JOB done...
  4. geminibuddy

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    First of all, I have never operated one of these. I just went to the Little Wonder website- do you think it allows you to line the collection bag on the machine with a heavy garbage bag so that I would be able to collect directly into the garbage bag? That would seem very handy. Also, I have no idea on pricing these, but I am not afraid of buying quality, particularly if it is going to save me so many man hours. Any feedback from owners of these? I would be most grateful.
  5. geminibuddy

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    You are so correct on telling them that dust is part of the process. Here is the "plan" I am using to success right now- I have had one lady in particular that was concerned about her Honda Accord accumulating dust on the windshield. :nono: I remained pleasant and told her I would take good care of her. I simply go to her unit and knock on the door when I am fixing to blow around her area so that she can move her car. She seems happy and it makes me look proactive. :weightlifter:

    The other method I do is simply to quickly rake most of the leaves out from the carport area so that they don't scatter everywhere/in the air over the cars and it seems that the prior company was not concientious at all- it just takes a little effort and once the clients saw the effort from me at least trying to minimize it and then blowing the cars off(whether it worked 100% or not) it was appreciated.
  6. stan the man

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    anything you do you are going to have dust. the one thing i can say is handheld vacuum by echo.dust is little less
  7. geminibuddy

    geminibuddy LawnSite Member
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    I agree that anything will leave dust. :) I have them complain regardless- but we try.

    The main question remains with "What is the best system for leaves in a parking lot that I have to remove from property weekly"?

    Thanks for the replies!!
  8. cuttin-to-the-Max

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  9. geminibuddy

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    wow- a bit large for my usage but an interesting concept. Thanks for the diagram.

    I should never had mentioned "dust". HA!!
  10. 2low4NH

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    I have a parker vac with a heavy bag very little dust but the bag fills super fast. I stopped using mine but the regular mesh bags will blow a lot of dust everywhere.

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