Billy Goat Lawn Vacs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by John Deere, Oct 23, 2000.

  1. John Deere

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    What do I want? I was on alamia and looked at the Billy Goat Lawn Vacs and want to know what the difference are between them. I see the first one on that page goes for about $995 and then there most expensive one goes for $2295 or something like that. Obviously there is a difference, but I don't want to spend more than I have to, but I hate buying something and having it not be adequate. I mainly want it for thatch pick up after power raking and leaf pick up in the fall. Which one will work for me? Thanks!!!
  2. Runner

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    A bagger on your mower does the same thing, but about 5 times faster.
  3. landscaper3

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    I bought a 2001 Billy goat with the 10hp overhead valve motor and the new ajustable shoot for $750 plus tax. He also has 8hp ones for $699.00 and 8hp honda for $1169.00 and 11hp honda for $1379.00
  4. Runner

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    Brian, you're talking about the blower, right?
  5. TLS

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    I think he is talking about push type vacs not a truck loader which I think you are referring to .

  6. landscaper3

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    Yep my mistake, looked at it wrong vaccumes go from pro series $769.00 to 999.00 and the litter vacs go from 1399.00 to 2999.00 most have 11hp motors
  7. landscaper3

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  8. Craig Jones

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    We have two of the lower priced KDs. $799.00 and $999.00. They both have 5 hp engines, one an I/C and one quantum engine. They have large wheels which makes them pretty manuveralbe on lawns. We find them useful for picking up thatch since the felt bags keep down a lot of the dust. However in picking up leaves, they only shred them if they are really dry but will pick up the wet ones. We usually cannot use them if the leaves are real deep, we usually tarp them but they are great for smaller yards and cleaning up after we do bulk removal of leaves. One we bought used with the self propelled system which we found useless and we removed. Eventhough the bags hold 7 bushels of leaves, they fill up quick and take time to empty. In small residential lawns they really shine but for any yard of any size, they are not real time efficient. The replacement bags are pretty expensive, well over $100.00 We also found the hose kit not too effective and it clogs easily, especially if you have branches in the leaves. Hope this is of help to you.
  9. HOMER

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    Why not spend the money on a good bagging system as mentioned above. Everytime I use my Trac-Vac (not promoting this particular system) I find that my leaf jobs go extremely quick. If you have a rider already then why walk???????? I couldn't imagine pushing something over my yards when I can ride as fast as normal and pick it up.

  10. John DiMartino

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    Either drop her,or blow off her window ledges.She is the one that insisted that you bag the grass.What does she think-other baggers will put out less dust?they are all dusty in the leaves-it doesnt bother me because its behind me.I never had any complaints form using the trac-vac.I am amazed at how many people are willing to pay quite a bit more to have the lawn bagged in the fall.

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