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Billy Goat Lawn Vacums - Anyone Used Them?


LawnSite Member
Vancouver BC
How are they on wet leaves, and would they take out dead moss once its dethatched? I assume it would, the literature says it will lift an empty beer can.

How about dead moss that has not been dethatched?



LawnSite Fanatic
I personally feel that not a single one of the lawn vacs on the market do a great job


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have one, Its for sale . Save your money and just use a WB. The Billy Goats and similar machines are slow. The suction shoot plugs real easy. The bag is difficult to dump and they are just plain slow to use. They will suck up trash very well on paved surfaces.

Blades of Steel

LawnSite Senior Member
Southaven, MS
I bought one 2 seasons ago for that very reason. I wish I had found this site to tell me to save my money. They a wonderful for cleaning up parking lots and small thing on flat surfaces. However, pushing on across a lawn for leafs and debris SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save your money. You'll spend more time filling bags and saying bad words because you feel as if you wasted your money....

Turfcutters Plus

LawnSite Senior Member
Had one for years.Finally traded it in.It totally sucks!Buy a good back-pack blower.Zippers were ALWAYS a pain!!!Biggest piece of crap i ever owned.What a waste of $900!


LawnSite Bronze Member
I've got one I've had for 15 years. it's a good machine, but the Scag 48 walk-behind with the Gravely bagger bolted on works pretty darn good too, so I usually don't bring it to cleanup jobs. I may bring it tomorrow, got a spring cleanup to finish.
15 years ago, when i bought it, it was the best thing out there.

robin 2

LawnSite Member
Oklahoma City
I have a Giant Vac leaf vacuum and it works great. If you are just going to use it to suck up leaves etc. it will work fine, but a backpack blower and a tarp will work just as good and be a whole lot faster! The only time mine has come in handy is for sucking up insulation and other trash that is left behind after a tornado. I rented a Billy Goat when I had to clean up after the tornado and the Giant Vac seemed to have a lot more suction and it has metal blades to grind up the trash. The other perk to the Giant Vac is that the bolts that hold on the wheels will vibrate out. I would highly suggest taking the other guys advice and rent one first.


LawnSite Member
I had one and the unit did not seem to pick up gum balls nor did the zipper on the bag last. I tried an MTD(Troybuilt) unit that was purchased at Lowes and it picks up stuff better than the Billy Goat. It also has a two year warranty. The cost is arround 500.00 which is a lot less than the Billy Goat. With this 500.00 you get a chipper(1and 1/2 inch) and a vaccum hose. This unit and the Billy Goat seem to have the same engine, but is only arround 22 inches wide. they also have one without the chipper and hose for arround 400.00. My unit does pick up wet leaves, if they are not tightly packed and it does a good job of picking up gum balls.You can buy one and try it out for thirty days and if you are not satisfied, return it for a full refund. I use mine on small yards where the owner allows me to leave the leaves at their residence, otherwise I use a tarp.