Billy Goat Leaf Loader For Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by ManorD24, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. ManorD24

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    2002 Billy Goat Leaf Loader, Model HTR1602V, 16hp Briggs.
    Asking $1900.00

    This machine was purchased half way through the fall season in 2002 to replace a previous machine. It was mounted on the front of a trailer and only used in the fall season, stored away rest of the year. Machine in overall good condition. The intake hose showing wear but will easily get you through the season. The metal end of the intake hose w/ the handle was removed due to a minor mishap with an encounter with the trailer tire. I'll take and post pics tuesday as i dig it out of storage. I've gotten out of the business and this is one of the last items that needs to go. I have the original owners manuals for the machine and engine. PM with any other questions. Item located on Long Island NY.
  2. ealbertson

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    Hi Manor,

    where in Long Island are you? I grew up in Southold. How many seasons did you use the unit and was it stored inside?

  3. ManorD24

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    Located in Huntington. I used it only in the fall with about the following numbers. Accounts averaged less than 1/2 acre.
    2002 half season of about 40 accounts
    2003 25 accounts
    2004 25 accounts
    2005 50 accounts
    2006 30 accounts
    2007 25 accounts

    It was stored inside except from october till end of season say mid december, when it was mounted on the trailer and covered in a tarp.
  4. flykelley

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    Hi Manor
    Any pictures of it, also what would shipping be to Mi zip 48329.

    Thanks Mike
  5. ManorD24

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    Getting pics tomorrow, and will have to figure out the freight

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