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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by 94gt331, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. 94gt331

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    hey I'm in need for a leaf loader and finally think it's time to buy one. I was looking into the billy goat truck loader. Was looking at the DL14hp with the honda enginge. Does anyone here have this model and does it work well. My only concern was is it powerful enough etc. Any advice from billy goat owners would be appreciated so I can get something here soon.
  2. Behring

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    I have a 13hp Honda powered Billy Goat. It works great for loading the box built on the back of my pickup. It does struggle a bit when you are trying to load leaves mixed with green grass, also with wet leaves. The suction hose gets clogged with grass or wet leaves quite often. Other than that it is a great unit. If I ever upgrade to a dump trailer, I would prefer a bigger loader. But for a truck mounted leaf loader it works great.
  3. t608

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    I just picked up an 18hp with a briggs for the tailgate. I haven't tried it out yet.

    I paid 3,600 plus tax. I would go with the 18hp. I think for the price you are better off, it's not that much more.
  4. 94gt331

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    Yeah thats what I was thinking I will spend $600 more going 4 more hp just can't make my mind up.
  5. gene gls

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    Green grass does not suck up very good with a truck loader. You have to go slow and shake the intake hose so it doesn't build up and clog.
  6. 94gt331

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    Thanks went with your advice today and ordered the same unit as you got it for 3500 +tax. I figured I better be safe than sorry and get the bigger hp.
  7. baileylawnservice

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    Question I found a used 13hp billy goat for 1500$ on craigslist totally complete. Looks in good shape. I plan on mounting it on my 16' trailer. Or should I go with a bew billy goat with the 18 hp vanguard for 3100$ or a new scag giant vac for 3450$
  8. 94gt331

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    Just picked my new billy goat today, can't wait to do leaves now!


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    Remember when it comes to leaf loaders the bigger the better.
    I really don't think anyone would argue this point with me.
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  10. 94gt331

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    I agree, I'm glad I didn't go to the cheaper unit because in the long run the extra money will be worth it. More power, faster jobs get done.

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