Billy Goat Truck Loader/Leaf Vacuum... 16HP

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Picture Perfect Landscape, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Classified

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    Bummer, Id like to use and Id give ya money for it!

    You will probably be sitting on it all winter and likely summer again if you dont sell it to me, lol.
  2. Picture Perfect Landscape

    Picture Perfect Landscape LawnSite Member
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    lol... well my original reason for sale was due to the lack of winter work i had past the past winter in comparison to previous and needed the money. Since I made it through its kind of like might as well use it again. I have since gained alot more business and started another truck so I feel this season it may not stop running... or I hope!

    If I had enough money now I would sell it and upgrade but I am more concerned with getting a couple new blowers and a dump insert...
  3. Classified

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    NP, I understand.

    I need a leaf loader really bad and have been wanting to make a revisit to beautiful Memphis so I was trying my best.

    I would buy that one that someone else is selling that is a lesco unit but its too much to ship and i dont want to drive there.

    GL, CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!! lol

    Glad things have opened up for you though. Its always a rewarding feeling.
  4. lawnjox

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    do you still have it and what to sale?
    thx Mel
  5. tarawa

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    I wonder how this would work for cleaning stalls and mulcing manure?
  6. Clarkman320

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    Is the loader still for sale???

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