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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bommaritro, Sep 8, 2003.

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    Hey all,

    I hope the season is treating you all well. With the mowing season coming to and end soon at least up in the North. I started to look for some powered leaf removal equipment. I came a across a 1 year old Billygoat yard vac. Everything is great on it except the bag. The guys kid used it last season an neglected to clean out the last load from the bag. So to make a long story short the bag is shot.

    I was curious the cost of buying a replacement bag and how long they last if properly maintained under normal commercial conditions.

    The reason I am inquiring before I buy the new bag is that I have access to a great tailor who works with leather and canvas as well as general cloth. If the billygoat bags don't hold up to well I may have him make a heavy duty one out of canvas that I feel should easily last several seasons.

    As usual any opinions or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    I personally don't have expierence using this model or this method, but I would seriously think that the bad would fill up quick making it very time consuming to do leaf removals.

    Check out this thread, if you have not already. Also do some searching around, you might find a more efficient method than the one you are suggesting. You method might work for lawns that are 2K-3K sq ftl

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    I have one of those vacs. I do not think the canvas will work. The bag has to let air pass through it,as all that air that is sucked in, has to go out while the dirt/ leaves/grass,etc. stays in. There is an outer bag, and an inner liner bag. There are two different type of liner bags that protect the outer bag,and collect the debris. One is like a heavy felt, while the other is like a burlap bag. THe felt type collects finer particles, while the burlap is more porous and lets fines pass through. you can use whichever fits your needs best.
    My outer bag is about 4 years old. The inner bags usually will last through one heavy leaf collecting season.:)
  4. My BG is 10 years old. still using original felt bag, but I work with 5 bags. Right at $90 - $100 new. Zippers are the weak point. I get zippers from marine supplier @ $8. I wash the bags 1X year, a nasty job.
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    Thanks for the info fellas,

    I figure any way you pick up leaves is going to be time consuming unless you are you using any form of a rider with a self dumping catcher like the Walkers or Scag(I know there are other brands out there but this is all I can come up with for now.) My plan on using this is to assist in whole yard leaf clean ups. I addition to blowers and rakes. It will also be a great help at picking up those D@m cig butts. However I know I will find out by the end of the season if this tool will help me or just take up space in the garage.

    I was plaining on having vents made into the bag the would be made of something like the two extra liners that come with the bag. Since only the bottom of the bags rotted out I still have all of the surrounding material to use.

    Bob Minye:
    Thanks for the info.

  6. Blades of Steel

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    I purchased a Goat last season for the very same purpose. This season I am purchasing the little wonder (I think), or the billy goat truck loader. They both have the 16hp V-twin Briggs and roughly the some cubic ft per minute. The Goat is 2799 and the Wonder is 3000. I am saying this because, I did not like the puch type vacuum i bought last year. It is a great tool for the correct use.

    1. Parking lot clean-up - great job!
    2. Blow a few leafs up on the drive way - Great job !
    3. General cleaning, curb side work..!!!
    4. Great around pools-keeps from blowing debris in the water

    1. Bag fills up VERY fast.
    2. Not so easy to dump.
    3. VERY, VERY DUSTY!!!!!
    4. Clogs eay enough with just a few stick in the pile.
    5. Extremely hard to clean the bag. Damn thats a job..
    6. Zipper could use some design improvements.


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